To Find A Cataract Surgeon Beverly Hills Is The Best Location To Check Out

By Michelle Gibson

Statistically, cataract accounts for 51 percent of all cases of blindness in the world. This is a mind-boggling fact given the fact that this condition is not very hard to treat. Cataracts can be removed through a simple surgical procedure without too much difficulty or side effects. The reason why cataracts cause a lot of blindness in people is that in some places around the world, people lack access to professional eye care professionals. When in need of a cataract surgeon Beverly Hills should be visited.

The risk of developing cataracts usually increases as one continues to age. As people continue to live longer and longer, their chances of developing this condition also increase. Women are more likely to develop the condition than men. This is in part caused by the fact that women are less likely to access health care compared to men. That is why this condition affects more women than men in the world.

Laser and conventional surgery are methods used for treatment of this condition as mentioned earlier. Surgery has become more accurate because it incorporates laser beams. The surgery can be performed easily at the workplace of an eye care professional. Therefore a patient can have their life made better with much ease through this procedure.

It is vital for one to be aware of the fact that cataracts do not have a specific medication that can be used to prevent or remove them. One should see a professional for the removal of the cataracts using lasers if they are spotted at an early stage. Removal is the only solution. Because the condition is age-related, it can be delayed through certain lifestyle changes.

It is suspected that wearing sunglasses to protect eyes from UVA and UVB radiation, avoiding smoking and eating a healthy diet can delay the condition. Cataracts form when a cloudy buildup happens in the eye. Laser works by removing the affected lens. During surgery, an intraocular lens implant is installed in the eye to replace the defective lens.

Even if the procedure has some risks, it is one among the commonest surgical procedures performed in the United States. The procedure is performed several times by some ophthalmologists during their careers. To break the defective lens up before aspirating out, ultrasound technology is normally used. This normally involves making an incision in the eye to insert surgical equipment through. The incision that needs to be made has grown smaller with continuous technological advancement.

Using laser technology is very useful because it reduces the amount of energy that is needed for breaking the lens down. The procedure is suitable for people who are above the age of 18 although some clinics require candidates to be 21 years old. Upper age limit does not exist in this procedure as it has been performed on patients who are 90 years old.

This procedure is very simple and usually takes 3 to 5 minutes for an experienced ophthalmic surgeon to perform on each eye. The procedure is easier to perform when it is performed in early stages of the condition. Eighty percent of all candidates who are screened before the procedure is done make suitable candidates.

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