Information On Self Defense Sandy UT Residents Will Find Useful

By Christopher Collins

Violence is a problem that is present in virtually all parts of the world. For some people, it is a regular encounter. The perpetrator of a violent crime could be anyone; a stranger, a marriage partner, a close relative or even a colleague at school or at work. When considering self defense Sandy UT residents need to have a number of things in mind.

The best form of self defence is avoiding the confrontational situation if possible. If you are living with an abusive spouse, for instance, walking away would probably be the best way you can protect yourself from bodily or emotional harm. Walking alone in secluded places especially at odd hours can also be avoided.

For some people, however, it may not be easy to run away from trouble and one needs to stay and fight. Such people are often in situations in which running away means losing a lot more. It is this group that needs the self defence skills the most. We will briefly look at a few of these skills.

Before throwing the first punch, learn to take control of the situation and dissuade your attacker. Be loud and assertive and push back if you have to. Tell them to back off as you look straight into their eyes. This strategy has worked for many as it warns the attacker that you are not as easy a target as they may have thought initially.

In many cases, the attacker is either bigger in size or is armed meaning that they have an obvious advantage. For this reason you need to be very strategic; you need to strike them hard and fast and before they realize what hit them you will have gotten a chance to escape. The eyes are the easiest target. Use pepper spray or your mere fingers to scratch or poke.

Other areas that one may consider include the groin, the knees, and the nose. The site of body that you can attack is largely dependent on the position of the attack. Do not give them an advantage by moving closer to them. Instead of insuring on breaking their nose, kick them in the groin and get your chance to escape.

In the event that you are overpowered, pretend to give in. This may be necessary especially in cases of sexual assault where attackers aim to make their victims get to this point. They will lose their grip believing that the fight in you is finished. Strike as hard as you can targeting the eyes or the groin and take your chance to flee.

Self defence is a skill that everyone needs to have. In some situations the skills may be the difference between life and death. Many of these skills involve learning how to use the simple techniques to take advantage of the attacker. To become even better, one may need to enrol in a martial arts class where self defence is an integral part of the training.

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