Important Facts You Should Know Before Scheduling For Laser Hair Removal Troy MI

By Paul Green

Laser hair removal treatments are highly sought after because they are both effective and long lasting. Before booking for a session, you may want to know more about the expected side effects, the success rate of a service and even the most ideal frequency to schedule for treatments. It is important to have some answers at your fingertips before you schedule for a session. If you want laser hair removal Troy MI is a good place to begin your hunt for top rated experts.

To begin with, the results of treatment are immediate. After the initial session, you will notice a nearly instant decrease in hair. In any case, the rate of the decrease may vary from one person to another, though it can be as high as 30%. There are special after care tips that will be offered to assist in easing the side effects of the laser sessions.

Because treatments only promise gradual removal of unwanted tresses, you have to plan for 3-4 follow up sessions for the ideal outcome to be achieved. The area being treated will determine the amount of time needed for a single session and the esthetician may need between 10 minutes and an hour. Regardless of the time taken to complete a session, you still have to plan for follow-up treatments.

Treatment sessions will not subject you to excruciating pain. Even so, there is a small level of pain that should be expected. The good news is that the pain is tolerable and most patients will even describe it as an itching sensation that merely lasts for milliseconds. If you have low tolerance to pain your specialist will advise you on the best remedies to consider.

Laser technology is by far the most advanced when it comes to the available hair removal treatment methods. While this may be the case, your hair color could disqualify you as a good candidate for treatments. In case your tresses lack adequate amounts of melanin, it may be impossible for the lasers to easily target and destroy the curls that need to be removed. If your hairs are not black, then you may have to consider other treatment options for removing unwanted hairs.

During puberty, the new hair growth rate is off the charts. Your body will be producing more hairs than what can be practically removed during laser sessions. In short, you may find the outcome of treatments to be frustrating. Most estheticians recommend those in the puberty stage to first stall around as they use other methods of getting rid of unwanted hairs.

It is also important to know that annual maintenance appointments are important. This is because the outcome of your sessions will not be entirely permanent. The body consistently strives to regrow its hairs and so you should not be surprised if you see some lighter and thinner tresses on the treated areas. Fortunately, yearly maintenance treatments will be enough to keep your skin soft and hair-free.

Before you schedule for treatment, it will be crucial for you to get ready for some lifestyle changes. Most dermatologists will bother to give some preparation tips to their patients. Even so, you simply need to avoid tanning treatments and excessive exposure to sunlight. It will also be necessary for you to use specific skin care products.

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