Important Facts About Facelift Houston

By Melissa Morris

Facelift procedures are cosmetic surgical procedures which help to improve appearance of people by making them look younger. It is used to reduce sagging of folds which are on the cheeks and jawline. In addition to that, it will reduce other changes that are the result of aging. During the treatment, a flap of skin is pulled back on each side of the face. That is then followed by altering of tissues which are beneath the skin. That alteration will lead to a more youthful appearance. In consideration of facelift Houston residents should be versed with what it involves.

There are a number of reasons why people go for facelift procedures. As one gets older, there will be alteration of appearance and shape of the face because of changes that are related to aging. The skin becomes less elastic and also looser. There will be decrease in fat deposits in certain areas while some areas have an increase. People should however note that facelift procedures are not ideal for treating irregular color of skin or superficial wrinkles.

There are some possible complications with the procedure. Some of them are able to be managed with the use of appropriate care and medications. Others will need surgical correction. Long-term complications tend to be rare but can cause significant changes in appearance. Scarring is one of the possible risks. Incisions can at times result in raised scars which are red. Appearance of scars is improved using use of medications.

Another possible complication is called hematoma which happens when blood collects under the skin. The blood will result in swelling and pressure. Hematoma is one of the most common side effects. Formation of hematoma is experienced 24 hours after the surgery is done. It is something that should be treated promptly, which is done using surgery. The prompt treatment ensures that skin and tissues are not damaged. Other complications include skin loss, nerve injury and hair loss.

Just like is the case with any other surgical procedures, there are risks such as adverse reaction to amnesia and bleeding. There are certain lifestyle and medical conditions which will increase risk of one suffering complications. For example, if your medical condition is such that blood clotting is affected, you will not be a candidate for the procedure.

Smoking leads to a significant increase of poor healing of wounds. In addition to that, it could lead to skin loss after the procedure. The other category of people who might not be ideal candidates are those with weight fluctuations. If you have history of repeated weight loss or gain, the outcome of the surgery might not be satisfactory. Repeated weight loss or gain affect the shape of the face and condition of the skin.

You will be required to prepare well for the procedure. One of the first requirements will be your medical history which will be examined. When you meet the surgeon, you will be asked about any previous surgeries and complications resulting from them if any, as well as medical conditions which you might be suffering from. There will also be interrogation of history of drug use and smoking.

After the procedure, there are several follow-up appointments. These are important for assessment of the condition and removal of stitches. The surgeon will also give instructions on self-care.

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