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By Donna Edwards

There once was a time when augmenting your lips involved the use of invasive surgical procedures. Now, if you want bigger, fuller and far more shapely lips, the risks are minimum and the process is pain-free. Moreover, you won't have to contend with a ton of recovery time when using the services for lip enhancement Sterling Heights locals are using.

Injectable fillers are revolutionizing the entire cosmetic industry by making it possible for consumers to radically alter their physical appearances in almost no time at all. These FDA-approved solutions are being used to add volume to the face, the neck, the nose and the lips. If you want your lips augmented or your nose refined, you won't have to deal with any incisions, wound care or tissue removal in the process.

Most of the best-known fillers are comprised largely of hyaluronic acid or HA. This is a substance that your body naturally produces to support its skin, joints and bones. Having it injected into the skin is therefore virtually risk free. People have a very low likelihood of having adverse reactions to solutions that their bodies naturally produced.

The type of HA that is commonly used in lip augmentation procedures, however, has been specially cross-linked for extended viability. In this process, big and small molecules of HA are bonded together to create a very durable chain. The body is capable of breaking standard HA down over a period of about six months. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid can last in many cosmetic applications for up to two full years.

During treatment, minute amounts of a high-quality filler are placed in both the upper lips and the lower once. You can work with your provider to determine how much filler you would like to have used. Making subtle enhancements is a great way to create aesthetically-pleasing and natural-looking effects.

When you schedule a consultation appointment, you can discuss your aesthetic goals with your provider. This is a great time to talk about how big or shapely you want your upper or lower lip to be. You can even use visual tools to make sure that your wishes are communicated clearly.

Lidocaine is mixed right into many of these solutions. This has been done by the manufacturer to keep people comfortable and at ease during treatment. This means that you will hardly feel a thing throughout this process. Moreover, everything will be done within a matter of minutes. Once it is, you can go right back to work or home.

Some people find that their lips are red and firm right after treatment. This is normal swelling and inflammation. Both developments will go away within a matter of hours. Soon, the lips will soften up and attain the natural look that you were hoping for.

Another benefit of choosing HA-based augmentation is being able to hydrate your lips. Injectable HA is designed to attract water molecules and retain as many of these as possible. Thus, not only will your lips become much fuller and more shapely overall, but they will also have a soft, fresh, youthful and healthy look as well.

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