For Contact Lenses Columbus Is Worth Visiting

By John Martin

One of the many approaches used to correct vision by people is wearing contact lenses. They are normally alternatives for sunglasses because of factors like size among others. Approximately 45 million of the people in the US wear these lenses and out of these, females of different ages account for two thirds. When in search of Contact lenses Columbus should be given priority.

In the US, these devices are classified under medical devices by the FDA. As such, they are strictly regulated in the country. They must meet strict standards enforced by the FDA in order for them to be made and sold. Several different kinds of these devices have been introduced in the market over the years. Different brands or types of the product have different times at which they were invented and introduced to the market.

First, there are several types of contact lenses, including soft, silicone hydrogen, gas permeable, hybrid, and PMMA contact lens varieties. The introduction of hard or rigid lenses in the US market happened in the year 1938 and they continue to be produced. Better models continue to be introduced every year. Soft lenses were introduced in 1971 for the first time. Statistics indicate that over 90 percent of all wearers use soft contact lens varieties as opposed to rigid ones.

Generally, soft lens varieties are made by use of materials called hydrogels. They are water-containing plastics that are gel-like. The lens is very comfortable to the the eyes because it is pliable and very thin. The introduction of these lens varieties made the popularity of wearing contact lenses to increase. The feeling is adapted to very fast by the eye which makes them very comfortable.

An advanced version of the soft lens is the silicone hydrogel lens. These kinds of lens allow increased amount of oxygen to penetrate them to the cornea as it features more porosity. This therefore creates more comfort and a healthy environment for the eyes for those wearing them. The devices can be said to be still relatively new in the market because they were only introduced in 2002. In the US, the devices are currently the most prescribed.

Gas permeable lens also goes by the name RGP or GP lens. It is a rigid variety of lens that is designed to look and feel like PMMA lenses. However, unlike most rigid models, it is porous to oxygen. The fact that they are porous makes them to be fitted closer to the eye than other rigid varieties. These devices were introduced in 1978 and have since become a more popular replacement for rigid PMMA devices.

Persons that involve themselves in sports find contact lens a very good alternative. One can wear them to enhance sight without having to worry about safety issues. It is actually difficult to realize if one is wearing the devices or not. Wearing the devices also boosts the esteem of a child by positively affecting their attitude towards their appearances.

However, it is important to know that there are specific instructions that come with wearing these devices. Poor handling and failure to follow instructions have been known to cause serious problems to people. Many people contract serious infections every year because of the use of these devices.

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