Essential Steps After Getting Chemical Peels Plano Skin Specialists Recommend

By Joyce Snyder

Your face will surely look red, dry and flaky for the next few days after undergoing peeling. See to it that you provide your skin with enough time to recover. While still bouncing back, you should bear in mind some vital tips after having chemical peels Plano skin clinics are offering. Read on to come across a few of the steps you should to take to keep at bay unnecessary complications and also for you to enjoy superb results.

Stay indoors. Definitely, it is a good idea for you to spend much of your time indoors in order to keep your face from being touched by the sun. After peeling, the skin is extremely vulnerable to UV damage. It's for this reason exactly why you should avoid stepping foot outside your home unnecessarily.

Apply sunscreen. Unfortunately, staying indoors all the time is not possible for many of those who just underwent peeling. The good news is the application of sunscreen each time may be done in order to shield the face from the sun's harmful UV rays. Those who refuse to apply something sticky on their peeling faces may simply opt for a face powder that's infused with sunscreen. By the way, it's a good idea for you to ask your dermatologist which sunscreen formulation or type is best after a peeling procedure.

Apply moisturizer. To considerably minimize side effects such as dryness and flaking, the regular application moisturizer has to be done. You should certainly dodge the use of a moisturizing product that's heavily formulated and contains irritating ingredients. Once again, it is a good idea for you to ask your dermatologist which moisturizer brand or formulation you should opt for.

Refrain from exfoliating. One routine that all beauty conscious women do up to twice a week is skin exfoliation. After a peeling procedure, however, it's something that you should avoid doing for about a week even if it can definitely reduce flaking. You can wind up with disastrous results if you exfoliate right after paying for the treatment.

Use a mild facial cleanser. It's definitely important for you to momentarily switch to a facial cleanser that's very mild. Otherwise, the normal side effects of peeling may intensify. Before using a facial cleanser, check the list of ingredients to make sure that it does not contain anything that can cause irritation. Something that contains sulfate, according to dermatologists, should never be used for cleansing one's face.

Avoid touching the face. Never place your fingers on your face unless it's important such as while applying sunscreen or a moisturizing agent. Definitely, you should keep your mane from touching treated areas of the face by tying your hair or wearing a head band.

Do not peel off the flakes. It's perfectly normal for anybody who just had peeling to have a flaky face. Definitely, one should fight off every urge to peel off pieces of shedding skin. Otherwise, it's possible for your skin to break which may lead to the formation of unsightly scars. Worry not because the peeling process will naturally go away on its own in about a week.

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