Diminish Stress And Avoid Its Complications Via Rolf Therapy San Diego Clinics Are Offering

By Frank Fisher

According to the World Health Organization or WHO, stress is a worldwide epidemic these days. Too much stress, based on numerous studies, is not good for a person's mental and also physical well being. That's because it can come with an assortment of complications, ranging from depression, high blood pressure, diabetes to chronic pain. Luckily, there are many stress relieving activities an individual may choose from. Something that is known to deliver impressive results is rolf therapy San Diego clinics are offering.

A type of deep tissue massage, rolfing is scientifically proven to help lower stress considerably. It works effectively by causing tensed muscles to relax. Once that is attained, the mind naturally calms down. Relief from stress can be achieved by having both body and mind relaxed.

There are many health nightmares that can result from long term stress, health professionals say. One of those is high blood pressure or hypertension. The truth is your blood pressure can rise once in a while, and it's entirely normal. If your blood pressure is elevated constantly as a result of chronic stress, then it is a completely different matter. Hypertension is regarded by the pros as a leading risk factor for deadly heart disease.

Another issue that can happen because of poor stress management is increased blood glucose. Having elevated levels of glucose in your blood can cause you to develop diabetes one day. There are so many health problems that diabetes is known to bring, and some of them are leg amputations, kidney damage, nerve pain, hypertension, heart attack and stroke.

Aches and pains may also be encountered by an individual who is stressed all the time. Doctors say that it can be blamed on having elevated stress hormones, which is something that can cause chronic inflammation. Definitely, it can lead to aching, stiffening and swelling of the muscles and joints. Tensed muscles as a result of stress can also damage the nerves, causing the extremities like the arms and legs to feel painful.

It's not just your physical well being that is at risk if you are suffering from chronic stress and you refuse to do something about it. Mental health professionals admit that failure to manage stress effectively may also result in depression. Especially if depression is already something that is interfering with a person's everyday living, seeing a psychiatrist or therapist is definitely needed.

Anxiety is another mental health problem that you may encounter as a result of stress. You will surely have a hard time being a productive individual if your mind is constantly flooded with worries. Anxiety can also leave you experiencing an assortment of pesky physical symptoms, and some examples include stomach upset, dizziness, chest tightness, too much sweating and heart palpitations. If poorly managed, anxiety can lead to panic attacks that feel terrifying.

Chronic stress can be managed effectively via rolfing. Undergoing it regularly can help in warding off the many complications of stress. Rolfing is just one of the many available solutions to long term stress.

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