Concussion Recovery And Treatment For Adults

By Joyce Cole

While many children feel better within weeks of experiencing a concussion, there are some symptoms which may last for a month or longer. In addition, additional symptoms can often appear during concussion recovery or treatment when getting back to a regular routine and activities. The recovery period can often depend on several factors. These include the extent of the injury and how dedicated the child is when it comes to listening to and following instructions of doctors and parents.

When it comes to elderly and middle aged individuals, it can often take longer to recover. Whereas, if an individual has had other brain injuries or concussions in the past, this can also effect recovery times. In either case, one of the best ways to assure the fasted recovery time possible is to get plenty of rest.

In order to aid a child in feeling better, short term changes in activities can often be beneficial. For, rest is one of the primary tools to help a child recover and return to a regular routine. Once a child begins to heal, any activity which can be accomplished without showing symptoms are often okay.

While the definition of a concussion is a blow to the brain by way of a head injury, it is actually more complicated. For, the brain is composed of soft tissue. As such, when the skull is assaulted or jolted, the brain can hit the skull, thus causing a concussion.

Sometimes there can be factors which can delay the recovery period. For example, a history of previous brain injuries or concussions, mental health disorders or neurological issues, a crisis in the family and social stressors. Whereas, brain teasers and puzzles can also cause set backs with regards to healing and getting back to regular activities.

Getting rest and avoiding any activities which stress the brain are essential to a positive healing process. For, following the instructions of parents and doctors the first few days after acquiring a concussion are essential when it comes to avoiding complications and assuring a quick recovery.

A child recovering from a concussion or other brain injury needs also avoid any activities such as amusement park rides, or attending events which can put the head or brain at risk of additional injuries. For, even rides which are safe for children often involve some type of sudden movement or fear factor. After which, it is important to incorporate a regular routine on a gradual basis to assure there are no recurring symptoms.

In most cases, the best place to recover from such an event is at home. For, it is easier to monitor any complications or changes in balance, coordination or speech which can often be signs of complicating factors. Whereas, if such complications occur, it can often be faster to obtain medical attention when at home rather than when at an amusement park or other public location. After which, it is important to take it easy in order to get back to the healing process and recover as quickly as possible.

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