Basics On Mini Facelift Houston Residents Should Know

By Scott Young

Facelift surgery is a cosmetic procedure designed to restore the youthfulness of facial appearance. It entails the removal of sagging skin, tightening of underlying tissues and smoothening of the deep skin folds. A mini facelift differs from a standard facelift in that the latter is more extensive. There are a number of things on a mini facelift Houston residents need to know if they have plans of undergoing the procedure.

As is the case for any procedure there are a number of things that should be undertaken during the preparation. If you are on any blood thinners, you will need to stop them a couple of weeks before as these may increase the risk of bleeding. Abstaining from smoking before and after the procedure has also been shown to have an impact on the outcome. Research has shown that smoking interferes with healing and may cause formation of ugly scars.

A facelift can be easily carried out in an office or outpatient clinic. To numb the pain that may be experienced, anaesthesia (either general or local) is used. The surgeon typically makes an incision that runs from the hairline to the upper part of the neck passing behind the ear in the process. The muscles and subcutaneous tissues are them carefully tightened. Excessive skin is then removed and the wound closed.

The time that is needed for recovery is greatly variable and depends on a number of individual factors. Generally, inflammation around the incised area will start to reduce within about two weeks. Resumption of the normal routine is recommended at between two and three weeks. As for physical exercise, one should wait for about one month.

Benefits are not permanent. They last for about 10 years, on average. After that the skin starts to show normal changes of aging. A number of interventions may be considered to prevent everything from falling apart. These include the use of laser therapy in managing scars and prominent skin pores, platelet rich plasma based therapies, dermal fillers and liposuction among others.

This procedure is considered minimally invasive but that is not to mean that it is devoid of side effects. One of the possible side effects is excessive bleeding. This is because the face has a rich blood supply and incisions made on it tend to bleed quite profusely. A skilled surgeon will keep the bleeding to the minimum. Others include, infections, injuries to nerves in the face and formation of ugly scars especially among individuals predisposed to keloid formation.

Making the right choice of surgeon is the first step in increasing the chances of having remarkable results. This procedure calls for a lot of skill and experience and if not well done the effects can be lifelong. Ensure that you do enough research before settling on your final choice.

Aging brings with it many types of changes that may be emotional, physical or psychological. People are at different rates and also exhibit these changes differently. While some have a slow process others have a rapid one with very dramatic changes. It is the latter group that is likely to benefit most from procedures such as facelift.

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