Aftercare Tactics For Microdermabrasion Denver Residents Need To Know About

By Michelle Perry

Regardless if you are complaining about gigantic pores, well defined wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne, scars or excess oils, you may consider undergoing microdermabrasion. Such beauty treatment removes the skin's topmost layer with the help of tiny bits of crystals in order to provide stellar results. There are a few aftercare strategies for microdermabrasion Denver locals should remember right after having the procedure. Following them helps see to it that the most impressive outcome can be attained and also unnecessary complications can be dodged. Read on to know some really important ones.

Avoid the sun. Whether or not a facial procedure is done, it's of utmost importance for you to save your face from direct sunlight. That's because sun damage is the root cause of a lot of premature aging signs. Other than wearing a wide brimmed hat and staying in the shade, it's also a good idea to apply sunscreen that is approved by the skin care expert who performed or supervised your microdermabrasion.

Maintain superb moisture levels. It's not just sunscreen that you should use as necessary, but also a high quality moisturizer. Applying the said product on a regular basis locks in moisture by creating an invisible barrier. Check that the moisturizing product you're about to use is meant for your type of skin. In order to save your pores from potentially winding up clogged, consider opting for a moisturizer with a light formulation.

Skip applying unnecessary beauty products. For about a week, avoid using most of your favorite beauty products. Many of them may contain chemicals or ingredients that can cause irritation. It's also highly suggested for you to momentarily quit applying makeup. Worry not if you cannot step foot outside your house without any makeup because skin care experts say that a thin layer of mineral makeup is fine.

Rely on cool water. It may seem as though your face is mildly sunburned after the beauty treatment. That's because your skin can feel taut and warm. For immediate relief attainment, you may try splashing your face with cool water. Such may also be applied with the help of a cotton pad. Another common side effect of the procedure is mild itching, which is something that can be easily relieved with cool water, too.

Do not pull away skin. After undergoing microdermabrasion, it's perfectly normal for you to notice some skin peeling, too. Just see to it that you resist every urge to pick those flakes to keep unnecessary complications at bay.

Avoid sweating a lot. While you're bouncing back from the procedure, refrain from carrying out physical activities that can lead to excessive sweating. Needless to say, you should quit exercising for the time being. It's also a wise move to stay in cool environments all the time. Too much sweating needs to be avoided in order to prevent infections.

Ditch certain hair removal procedures. Dealing with unnecessary hair using depilatory creams or via waxing should be avoided for up to a couple of weeks after having your treatment. Any treatment that involves the use of laser is also something that you should resist.

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