Why Patients Value The Services Of An EMDR Therapist San Francisco

By Patrick Edwards

People who are suffering from PTSD and trauma have a lot of trouble getting through the day. Medication can help, but it is not always the answer. Talk therapy can also be helpful, but there are no guarantees. Lately, one has discovered that an EMDR therapist San Francisco can do a lot of good for a person who is struggling in this way.

Talking about this is not always helpful because the person does not always know what they are going through. They may be suffering from depression, anxiety or have a lot of anger to deal with. However, they don't know where this is coming from. Even though these memories have blocked, they are still in the subconscious.

A therapist needs to work in a more practical way because there are some people who are not able to express themselves. This is actually very common. In the past trauma and PTSD was related to soldiers who came back from the battlefield. However, it is more common these days. People are able to face these fears and become more vulnerable.

During these 12 weeks, the sessions are planned according to the needs and requirements of the patient. Everyone is different so one has to look at a plan which is unique. The chances are that this will be more effective than going to a general therapist because it helps you deal with your fears and your memories.

EMDR is mainly composed of the eye movements which a client follows when the therapist takes the lead. These will be different according to how the client is coping. The movements may speed up and they will also slow down at times. It can depend on how the client is reacting. They may remember certain scenes within the past.

Once they begin to remember more about the reason before they started off with the addictive behaviour, they will improve and know how to eliminate the unhealthy substances in their lives. It will lead to more of a healthy lifestyle, improved relationships and a better feeling overall.

Various other techniques follow, such as learning to be mindful. This is a skill that is especially useful for a person who is more anxious. However, everyone can learn to be more present. It helps the individual to learn what to do when faced with a stressful situation when they are out in public.

It provokes memories and often this comes out in a negative way. However, this is necessary in order to move forward. One becomes depressed and anxious, carrying a lot of anger around with them because of these underlying emotions. This is why one has to deal with types of thoughts. The skills learned will be taken out into the real world where one learns more about how to cope in tricky situations. A big part of this is learning to be present. The patient checks back with the therapist on a weekly basis over a three month period and this will keep them on track.

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