Understanding Food Sensitivity Symptoms And How To Deal With Them

By Betty Hamilton

Lots of people have allergic reactions to specific foods. Unfortunately, however, many of these same individuals are unaware of what they are experiencing when these reactions occur. Sometimes they think they are simply experiencing negative changes in their overall health that are unrelated to what they eat. Following are a few common food sensitivity symptoms along with tips for dealing with them.

Certain reactions are so severe that they are immediately obvious. In fact, many of these actually warrant a trip to the emergency room. These include any developments impacting the interior of the mouth and the airways. If you have itchy cheeks, an itchy tongue or an itching sensation in your throat after trying something new, contact your doctor right away.

Sometimes, these changes indicate an effort on the part of your body to block the airways, in order to keep the offending food out. This response is natural and effective, but it may make it difficult for your to breathe deeply or at all. If you get treated at the hospital, an anti-histamine will likely be administered to turn this reaction off.

Issues that affect the gastrointestinal system are quite common. As an example, you might contend with abdominal gas and bloating after drinking milk. This means that you are not able to tolerate lactose. People who are severely lactose intolerant might experience diarrhea as well. These developments, however, do not automatically mean that you will be unable to tolerate dairy you entire life. Many people believe that cleansing the intestines of parasites is a great way to eliminate this and other food-related reactions.

One way to combat these developments in minor cases is by investing in milk that has a special enzyme to assist with lactose digestion. This enzyme is known as lactase. You can also try exposing yourself to lactose in very small amounts over time. This is known as exposure therapy. While both gradual and unpleasant, exposure therapy is known to work.

Constipation can also be an indication of food intolerance. If this is something that you are dealing with, your body may be attempting to flush itself out with its existing water stores. The result is a compacted stool that you will have to push very hard in order to move. Whenever your digestive system is not performing optimally, food allergies might be a cause.

You might develop a skin rash to something that you are allergic to, even if you have never been allergic to it before. This can include red, raised hives, and other visible blemishes. This could be the result of your having consumed a single food by itself or eaten a specific combination of foods that are only intolerable to your system together.

If you feel tired and fatigued all of the time, check your complexion. This type of malaise when paired with bloating and skin rashes generally indicates troubles within the diet. If you listen closely to your body and pay attention to the signals it is emitting, you can easily develop a clear understanding of the different foods that it can and cannot tolerate.

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