Tips On Finding The Best Lip Balm With Plant Based Ingredients

By Mark Schmidt

Each time you smile, laugh, speak, eat, drink and kiss, you employ your lips. It's quite evident that they are some of the most used and abused body parts of yours. Especially because they are also fragile, you really need to do your best to take care of them. Consider getting your hands on a lip balm with plant based ingredients to save them from becoming dry and cracked.

These days, there are tons of balms to choose from, each one of them claiming to give you healthier and prettier lips. As a result, it can be quite confusing for beauty conscious shoppers like you to decide which one of them to get. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips that you may keep in mind when buying.

Spend enough time to reading the packaging. Checking out the ingredient list is one of the most important things that need to be done. Experts agree that some of the best balms for you are those that have the least number of ingredients. If the product in your hand seems to contain something that is synthetic or harsh, let go of it right away.

Opt for an organically made one. If you don't want those lips of yours to come into contact with any harmful substance, then go organic. Health authorities say that non organically made cosmetic products can actually harm your health. Once those traces of artificial chemicals in them get to your bloodstream, they may trigger hormonal imbalance to strike.

Ensure that it can really hydrate the lips. The goal is to save your lips from ending up chapped. Needless to say, you should consider balms that can offer intense hydration. Steer clear of something that contains an irritating ingredient as it will surely leave those lips of yours dryer than a bone.

Look for a product that has sun protective properties, too. Experts highly suggest for you to choose something that shields your lips from the sun. The lips are really sensitive that that's why UV radiation given off by the sun can damage them quite easily. When shopping, look for balms having an SPF of 30 of even higher.

Check that the faint hue it adds is something you prefer. Lip balms are definitely not lipsticks, although some brands also give the lips a nice color. If you want to give any one of them a try, see to it that you love the dash of color it offers. The best one is the kind that goes with your personality and of course skin tone. It will certainly give you much needed confidence on days you don't want to use lots of makeup.

Pick a product that you can afford. To really keep the lips from drying, lip balms need to be applied on a regular basis. It's for this reason why you should go for one that suits your budget. Otherwise, you may be forced to use it less often to make a stick or tub last for several weeks, which is something that can keep those lips of yours from getting all the hydration they require.

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