Things To Remember After Having A Brazilian Blowout Denver Hair Salons Offer

By Patricia Cole

Do not wash your hair for the next 3 days after the treatment. One of the most important things you need to remember after having a Brazilian blowout Denver hair salons are offering is avoid getting your tresses washed. Wait for at least 3 days to pass before you do so. By the way, it is suggested by the experts for you to also refrain from washing your mane on a daily basis to keep the treatment's results intact for as long as possible.

Momentarily skip styling your mane. It's for certain that your locks will look pristine for several days after having the procedure. Styling the hair, in other words, is pointless. If it's your habit to do some tidying up just before you start your day, you may rely on a flat iron or blow dryer.

Do not use a hairbrush. Reaching for a hairbrush weeks after having the popular beauty procedure should be avoided. Instead, what you can do is rely on your fingers each time you want to tidy up your locks. Likewise, you may allow your blow dryer or flat iron to do the trick. Using a soft bristled boar brush is a good idea.

Refrain from swimming. Since washing your hair has to be avoided, it is definitely a must for you to steer clear of jumping in the ocean or swimming pool. After 3 days, you may resume swimming. However, remember to stay under the shower before you swim in order to save one's hair from absorbing a lot of salt or chlorine.

Using a gently formulated shampoo is a must. Once the 3 day waiting period is through, go ahead and get your tresses washed. It's very important, however, to use a shampoo that's devoid of sulfates, sodium and other harsh chemicals. Needless to say, a shampoo with a mild formulation is recommended. By the way, the pros highly suggest for you to use something that's meant for hair treated with keratin.

Avoid dying for a while. Hair experts suggest for you to avoid getting your locks dyed for to 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure. Otherwise, you will only waste your hard earned cash because newly treated hair is resistant to the dye. Worry not because it's perfectly fine to get a dye prior to having a Brazilian blowout, even minutes before undergoing it. Once that 2 to 3 week waiting period is over, you may resume dying with the use of an ammonia free product.

Use pillowcases out of silk. Before you hop into bed, make sure that you replace your cotton pillowcases with those that are out of silk. It's for the fact that cotton can cause a lot of friction which is something that can ruin your mane. To wake up the next morning with silky smooth tresses, it's a good idea for you to use silk pillowcases.

Quit working out for some time. Especially if you consider your hair as your best asset, it's a good idea for you to momentarily skip exercising for a few weeks. It's for the fact that excessive sweat is bad for newly treated locks. If dodging exercising is not possible, avoid being sweaty by going for mild routines only.

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