The Fundamentals Of Acupuncture Miami

By Martha Richardson

Acupuncture is known to improve functions of the body and also promotes the natural healing process. The healing is possible through stimulating of specific areas of the body which are referred to as acupuncture points or acupoints. The commonest method which is used to stimulate acupoints are through inserting fine needles into the body through the skin. Effects of the insertion are usually enhanced through heat, pressure or electrical stimulation. In consideration of acupuncture Miami residents ought to be versed with what the treatment involves.

Other options which are used to stimulate acupoints are through manual massaging, heat therapy or application of herbal medicines. Traditional Chinese medicine is majorly based on the philosophy that the universe and the body are described in terms of two main opposing forces. The forces are yin and yang. Whenever the two are in balance, the body will be healthy. Energy in the body is believed to flow along specific pathways which are known as meridians. It is the constant flow of energy that keeps the forces balanced.

In the event that flow of energy is blocked, the disruption will lead to one becoming ill or they will be in pain. With use of acupuncture treatment, blocked energy is released. The energy is called qi. With the blocking of the energy, the natural body healing response will be evoked via several physiological responses. Acupuncture treatment is used to treat pain and improve functioning of the digestive system. Further, you get improved sense of well-being.

For the treatment, the first thing will be the practitioner asking about your health history. They will then check the shape of the tongue, its color, they also feel your pulse as well as performing other physical exams. The medical examinations performed depend on what the health needs of the individual are. There is the use of unique tools to assessment which enable the acupuncturist to recommend what the best mode of treatment will be.

For the treatment procedure, you will be asked to lay on some table. There is stimulation of precise acupoints which are on different parts of the body. In most instances there will be minimal or no pain as needles get placed. The needles will usually be left for between five to thirty minutes. Most people feel relaxed after treatment.

The frequency or number of treatments are varied from one person to another. There are people who will experience considerable relief after the first treatment session. In the case of complex and long-standing conditions, the treatment will need to go for a number of months. For acute problems, fewer visits will be needed. During the initial visit, an individualized plan will be discussed which includes expected number of treatments.

There are some risks of acupuncture but they will be minimized if you use acupuncturists who are certified and reputable. Some of the side effects are bleeding and soreness. The bleeding and soreness are experienced at areas where insertion of needles was done. Persons with bleeding disorders or those who use pacemaker are at greater risk of side effects.

The selection of a practitioner is very important. There are different ways of getting acupuncturists. You could use recommendations or online sources to look for competent attorneys.

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