The Concept Of Self Defense As A Means To Protect Yourself

By Melissa Bell

Dangerous situations can happen likely at any places where you are in. Hazards are almost everywhere and sometimes in a disguise of a human being. Avoiding those can sometimes be difficult and can cause paranoia. And the worst of it are the targets which are women and sometimes children. Because of that, parents take their child to a childrens self defense classes San Mateo for protection.

Thriller and suspense movies taught viewers on how to fight back at muggers who are attacking. When a character got assaulted without warning, a kick in the ball and jab on the eyes of the attacker are simple steps to escape the incident. People can follow it easily and even practice that at home. However, the real world does not give you that kind of easy level.

Expectation versus reality as what they say. In reality, assailants know how to fight back and even predict those cliche moves that are being shown on movies. When they deflect it and grab the opportunity to attack the person, the target is now in real danger. Humans should be reminded that a perfect defense for yourself is not about lunging yourself to the opponent. That is a suicidal move actually.

But sometimes talking or negotiating with those people cannot help to lessen the peril of a situation. And danger sometimes happens when you least expect it. At times, it leaves you no choice but to fight back for survival. Self-defense training can actually help you. Most attackers select those targets that are weaker than them.

Usually the targets of those muggers are children and women because they are much weaker compared to males. As a parent, it is natural to worry about the state of his or her child. You cannot be there at their side always because some things like your work or job must be done. But then schools can also bring hazards to your kids especially when schools have bullies marching around.

Classes that teach your kids to defend themselves can also help to boost their confidence and determination. When a kid succeeded in the training, he or she will gain confidence and will not be afraid with the bullies who will mistreat him or her. Aside from that, it can make the children physically active. Those physical trainings enhance their body.

Martial arts is not about fighting your opponent but more on defending or protecting yourself. When your child enrols in that, it will help him to understand some values like discipline, perseverance, determination and even respect. The rate of bullying has now increased and your child might be a victim soon.

Other than that, prevention is better than cure. In other words, to avoid yourself on getting involved on some harmful incidents, prevent yourself from that happening. How? Simply follow your instinct. When you feel like that the area is suspicious, then switch to the safer one. Do not act like you are an easy target so that assailants will not pick you.

Some situations cannot be predicted most of the times. The better way to avoid harm is prevention. Always remember to remain alert and follow the safety measures.

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