Recommended Natural Treatments For Lyme Disease

By Jessica Robinson

The dreaded Lyme disease will result from what one considers to be an innocent bite by a tick. The disease is bacteria and will naturally be treated using antibiotics. Unfortunately, about 20 percent of those affected fail to recover despite the use of antibiotics. The solution becomes the use of natural treatments for Lyme disease. These remedies will help in management and eventual elimination of the infection.

The disease baffles experts because if refuses to respond to normal medication. Experts have been trying to unravel this mystery of antibiotic resistance. The reasons cited for resistance include a weak immune system, inhibition of cellular or molecular function, systemic bacterial infection and environmental factors like exposure to parasites and molds. The remedies sort attempt to address these challenges.

The skin displays a butterfly-like rash on the spot where the tick bit. You will then experience flu-like symptoms including fatigue, chills, neck pains and problems with sleep. You are likely to lose appetite as well as feel nauseated whenever you encounter food. The body is lethargic and experiences joint pains that resemble a person with arthritis. In extreme cases, the problem will extend to your brain where you begin to forget things, experience headaches and brain fogs.

Some of the remedies proposed include use of essential oils on the skin. They are extracts from natural herbs that are known to have antibacterial properties. They are used in therapy and especially aroma therapy or the use of infusers. Only use the oils on your skin to avoid adverse reactions. These extracts may also be added to carrier oils and used for therapy purposes.

Low immunity is a contributing factor to escalation of the infection. Health experts recommend supplements to boost your immunity. Some of the supplements recommended include Vitamin B-1, C, magnesium, olive leaf, garlic and fish oil. You may also try supplements from glutathione, turmeric and lipoic acid because they have been known to boost body immunity. Since results will differ from one person to the other, it is advisable that you try different options.

Ensure that you get sufficient rest to make it easier to manage your emotions and keep away fatigue. Have fun time as well to stimulate your brain. It is also recommended that you enjoy at least 9 hours of sleep every day. Therapy sessions like acupuncture and yoga will also help to keep your body and mind in perfect shape.

Preventive measures are important in keeping diseases way from your body. In case you are bitten by a pest, seek immediate treatment from a certified professional. Your diet also plays a part in keeping you healthy. Consider such herbal supplements as oregano, black walnut, grape fruit and garlic. They will keep you protected from diseases.

Treating the disease should pay a lot of attention on diet that boosts your immunity. Go easy on your body by providing enough rest and addressing your emotional balance. Try several supplements to see how they react with your body. Some may work while others do not. It takes time to treat such a resistant disease. Consult health experts and be patient with the body as it figures out what works for you.

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