Med Spa Plano Offers Microdermabrasion For Superb Acne Management

By Scott Bennett

Skin care experts are being consulted for a wide variety of cosmetic issues. Something that bugs so many teenagers as well as adults is acne. The good news is med spa Plano provides a proven effective solution for such beauty nightmare, and it's what's called microdermabrasion. If you are an acne sufferer, read on to learn why microdermabrasion may be the best solution available for your problem.

Sometimes microdermabrasion is referred to as diamond peeling. It's because small bits of diamonds are fired onto the skin rapidly. However, some spas use other materials in order to keep the cost to within a pocket friendly range. Some establishments use aluminum oxide, while others go for sodium chlorine.

The elimination of your skin's uppermost layer, which consists of nothing but dead cells, is the primary objective of microdermabrasion. Experts say that one of the reasons behind acne development is the existence of too much dead skin cells. Such causes pore clogging that ultimately leads to inflammation and microbial activity. According to skin specialists, acne is a condition that is associated with both inflammation and infection.

Keeping the pores free of clog is one of the most important things that someone who suffers from acne needs to do. If such is overlooked, it's not unlikely for the cosmetic problem to linger. Clogged pores make it so much easier for bacteria to cause issues most especially among individuals who are prone to acne.

Improved distribution of nutrients and oxygen molecules is also another benefit offered by microdermabrasion. Because such encourages effective skin healing, it's a huge advantage for acne management. This benefit is obtained by means of optimized circulation that is tasked at making sure that the various body cells and tissues are properly nourished and oxygenated.

It's not just oxygen and nutrients that are distributed more effectively due to improved circulation, but also immune cells. Being a form of bacterial infection, acne can be controlled by means of those immune cells. This is the reason why topically applied and sometimes orally taken antibiotics are prescribed by skin care experts to acne sufferers, especially if the cosmetic condition is severe.

There all kinds of topical products that are formulated for controlling acne. Many of today's dermatologists actually administer them in conjunction with microdermabrasion. It's for the fact that the said spa treatment allows for a more effective absorption of the ingredients, thus ensuring proper management of such common skin issue.

Even if your acne is already put under control successfully, undergoing microdermabrasion is still a good idea. Such is especially true if the skin condition has left behind unsightly scars. Acne erasing products available OTC won't really get rid of the problem. It's for the fact that all that they can do is to reduce excess pigments present.

Acne scars are either elevated or depressed, and that's why no amount of scar removing product application can make them go away. Microdermabrasion is a procedure that actually makes the skin surface smooth. Especially after undergoing multiple sessions, considerable improvements in acne scars can be obtained.

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