Making Things With A Genetically Engineered Organelle

By Mark Thomas

The thing about the body that a human being comes packaged in is that its not just one singular entity. Yes, it may look that way, but its in fact made of up of several different and interconnected parts, each layering over or working alongside the other into create a singular person. That is true in pretty much everything in life. Nothing is ever just one thing. It is always made up of smaller parts. In the same sense, the most infinitesimal of building blocks also have building blocks of their own, which can be controlled to some extent, like in the case of a genetically engineered organelle.

Organelles should be examined before moving on any further. It should be said that a human being has internal organs, and every single one of them, barring the appendix, have a specific function. The heart pumps blood, the lungs deliver oxygen to the blood, the brain controls everything etcetera, etcetera. Organelles are fairly similar to that. They are the internal organs of the cell.

Nucleus, mitochondria, and a bunch of others. Those are examples of organelles. They all have a bunch of different functions within a cell. For example, the mitochondria, often jokingly and accurately called the powerhouse of a cell by students who learned it in high school but did not learn useful things like how to file taxes, is the part that converts energy into something usable by the cell.

Now up for explanation is genetic engineering. It is when the genetic structure of an organism is altered to some extent. This is generally done with by an outside entity. In essence, it is fairly similar evolution. Except that it is done by a human scientist as opposed to nature.

There is a lot that can be done with genetic engineering. Take agriculture of example. Not only can crops be modified so that they produce higher yield, they can also be made more resistant to pesticides and even less enticing to pests. Then there the potential applications to it with people. The genetic predispositions to things like cancer and obesity can be eliminated before a baby is even born.

But, as great as that sounds, genetic engineering does come with its fair share of controversy. This is particularly endemic when it comes to its applications in regards to people. There are those out there who want to believe that there exists a cabal of scientists looking to create a master race.

Scientists who can conduct the requisite experiments can be found. They are not going to be easily found, but they do exist. A quick search for specialist in the field of biology and chemistry and genetics should lead to some names. Another great way is to go to a research university, where many of the professors teaching there are also high level scientists.

But there are some things that should be adhered to when conducting a science experiment. For example, the scientific method should be followed. Then there are local laws restricting certain types of experimentation.

The world is huge, and a lot of it is unknown. Which is why there are those who are laboring to make it known. They have many methods as to how they do what they do.

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