How To Improve Team Performance With EXOS Training Dallas

By Larry Roberts

As a manager, a nightmare to have is working with people who don t want to be in the office. Reasons can range but it is important that you put in place a strategy to help get this overcome and in a timely manner. Employees are the reason clients come and stay, without them, a company can easily fail. Here are a few tips from EXOS Training Dallas to keep your team motivated.

Not many companies follow the rule but securing assessment meetings to discuss the state of each employee is important. In doing so, every staff member will get to state their case and be told how well they are doing or where they need to show improvement. These are important to keep them motivated and know what they need to work toward. When they don t know what they need to achieve it can be hard.

Encouraging your staff through reward programmes is important. Some work best when they know they need to reach a certain point and when they do, they will receive something for their hard work. Depending on budget, there are many prizes that you can use. Even if it is a day off, it will work just fine.

Prizes are one side to this. The other is to ensure that you always give credit where it is due. If you notice that someone has done great this week, applaud them there and there and make a big deal about it. When you have meetings, let everyone know how well this person did. Or have an achievement board and note the names down.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to provide the base to your squad, and they do the rest. There is no point in reinventing the wheel. If you see that your staff are struggling with something specific because they have to create the base, you should put in place templates. This way, everyone will follow the same steps and submit in the same format. They are more likely to complete a form than first creating that form.

Roles in a company is easy to do but when you work for agencies, it can be harder since teams sometimes do the same work or work on the same project. Regardless of the scenario, you need to make sure that everyone knows that they are responsible for and when they submit their bit, it needs to show that they have done what is expected of them. More is fine, but not more which involves the next person s duties.

A good tip is to reduce the time spent at meetings. In most cases, there really is no need for one. If your meeting is merely to follow up on items, use social tools which allows you to add several contacts to one group and use that to follow up. Sometimes when you remove people from their focus, they easily lose concentration for the entire day.

Productivity has two legs. The first that you want the workers to do their work as best they can. Second is you want them to be happy to be coming in every morning to get the work done. The key is making sure that you understand that the second leg is the most important.

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