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By Cynthia Kennedy

Weight management is something that many people take seriously. As such, several different methods of weight management have been developed over the years. One of these methods is called liposuction. Liposuction is used by people who are happy with their current body weight, but would love to eliminate undesirable accumulations of body fats in certain parts. It is important to know that liposuction cannot be classified as a treatment option for obesity. When in need of Laser liposuction Greenburgh NY should be visited.

In addition, this method does not find application in removal of cellulite, dimples, or stretch marks. It only finds use in aesthetic processes. Often individuals in need of enhancing their body contour use it. The method finds use in the permanent removal of fat cells in target areas. Often the body shape around that area undergoes alteration.

It is important that after undergoing the process, the patient sustain a healthy lifestyle of living. When one leaves an unhealthy lifestyle, fat cells increase in size. In effect, the increased growth in fat cells may lead to loss of body shape that one previously had. There is a limit to the quantity of fat cells removable when liposuction is performed.

Going for liposuction is advisable only if the results that are desired have not been achieved after pursuing dieting and lifestyle changes. Areas that have shown resistance against exercise and diet can be treated using this method. One has to make sure they discuss with their doctor about the advantages and disadvantages of undergoing this process. It is important to have careful consideration when deciding to undergo this process.

The results gained from liposuction are usually subtle and occur gradually. There are several areas on the body where this procedure can be conducted. Some of these areas include abdomen, chest, inner knees, back, buttocks, hips, neckline, flank, thighs, and upper arms. Having a good tone of skin and elasticity is very important for this procedure. This is because the skin should be able to mold itself to the new contour after the procedure.

Where the skin is not elastic enough, it may end up appearing loose. It might be tricky for reversal of any undesired effects as the procedure is permanent. Other key requirements are being over 18 years and good health. In a scenario where an individual has problems of circulatory system or blood flow complications, they may not qualify for the procedure. Among these conditions include coronary artery disease, weakened immune system, and diabetes.

Although liposuction is primarily done for aesthetic purposes, it may also be performed as a treatment for certain conditions. Some of these medical conditions include lymphedema, gynecomastia, lipodystrophy syndrome, lipomas, and extreme weight loss after surgery. In lymphedema, liposuction is performed to reduce discomfort, pain, and swelling.

Similar to other surgical operations, the suitability of one as a candidate for this process is determined through thorough testing. Those under aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs should halt the prescription for a fortnight to the surgery. Prior to surgery, women are required to go off contraceptives too. Lastly, those with anemia should take iron supplements.

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