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By Sarah Meyer

There are large numbers of older patients in local nursing homes and hospitals, making the need for Certified Nurse Aides even more necessary. One of the fastest growing fields in medicine is the Certified Nurse Aide Training Kansas City MO. As a result this is a career that should be highly considered.

Any person who is at least 18 years old and has either a high school diploma or a GED certificate can study to become a certified nursing assistant. The classes are offered in a community college, a trade school or a local medical facility. Before starting, it is necessary to make sure the course is approved by the state nursing board.

Other things that are needed when the student applies is a physical examination, her immunization records and the results of a TB test. She must have a background check and must be certified in CPR and First Aid. The last thing that is necessary is a valid state drivers license or an ID card. To become a nursing aide, 75 to 180 hours of training is needed. This includes between 16 and 100 hours of clinical hours depending on the state.

It is not unusual for the CNA to be the person the patient gets to know best. She spends the most time with them each day because she cares for their personal needs such as bathing and getting dressed each morning and she is in and out of their room all during the day. Because she spends the most time with the patient, doctors and nurses trust her to inform them of any changes in their health.

The job of a CNA is to help the patient in any way she can. Some common things she does is turn and reposition bedridden patients, check on them when they press the call button and feed them when necessary. She checks their blood pressure and temperature and keeps records of how much they eat and drink throughout the day. She can help the other nurses in any way they need a second pair of hands. Doctors and nurses expect her to advise them of anything different in the patient that she notices.

The CNA job has its highs and lows. Sometimes it is extremely tiring and some of the responsibilities are unpleasant. There are also difficult days or nights when a patient the CNA is close to passes away. One of the greatest advantages of the job is that she is one of the few medical staff who gets to build strong relationships with her patients.

The possibility for CNA jobs is very high this year because of the aging population and their rising need for more personal health care. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is saying that the need for professionals in this area should continue to increase. They think it will grow eleven percent up through the next eight years. That is a faster growth rate than regular job opportunities offer.

An important thing that many professionals are interested in is the amount of money they will make. Twenty-six thousand dollars is the current median wage for a nurses aide. There are many factors such as the amount of experience, the state they work in and the place they work that determines the amount they make. Some nursing aides actually earn thirty-six thousand dollars a year. More money can be made by continuing to study higher careers in nursing.

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