Basic Notes On Non Surgical Spine Decompression Conroe Texas

By Melissa Nelson

When you experience that long lasting back, Leg or neck ache, you will definitely want to get quick relief because you will be mostly uncomfortable. For such situations, you have a wide option to choose from such as Non Surgical Spine Decompression Conroe Texas which is mostly offered by spinal specialists. This process involves no surgery at all.

Much of the pain you are experiencing could be brought about by the pressure exerted on the spinal discs. This therapy therefore, works by reducing the pressure on these discs by stretching the spine gently, changing the position of the back and taking the pressure of the discs. This allows herniated or bulged discs to get back to position by the end of the process. This is done on a motorized traction table.

This therapy is fit for some specific candidates. If you are experiencing continuous back and leg aches and sciatica, this is good for you. Conditions such as bulging or herniated discs, worn spinal joints and injured or diseased spinal nerve roots require this treatment. It is however, discouraged for some set of people such as pregnant women, those having tumors or a fracture, with metal implants or osteoporosis.

Therefore, when you go to a doctor, there are some things that you are supposed to expect and without them you may not be receiving the full treatment. Your practitioner should start with a diagnosis of your condition. This will employ the use of some physical medical tests such as the use of x rays and MRI so that he or she can determine the level of injury that you are having.

The treatment goes on to you lying on a motorized table that is connected to a computer. Unlike other therapies, this requires you to be fully clothed hence no need to feel uncomfortable. The doctor will fit you with a support harnesses for the pelvis and the trunk. At this point, make sure that your body is stable and if you feel uncomfortable inform the doctor. If you do not speak up, you may not get the best results from the treatment.

The practitioner will be the one operating on the computer while gently moving the table. This leads to elongation of the spine and relieves the pressure that is on the discs. The whole purpose of this process is to bring you relief, hence you should not be feeling any pain at all. The process should last for about 30 to 45 minutes maximum and should be relaxing.

While referring to the results found after the medical tests, the practitioner will be able to advice on additional therapies that you can go through to complement the spinal decompression. Some of the suggestions given can be cold or heat therapy on the injured part and gentle electrical stimulation. They can also tell you the period you require for treatment to be successful.

All this can only be possible if you get treated by a qualified specialist. Choose an individual who has specialized on this kind of therapy and has received at least a masters in the field with enough training. It is important to ask the procedure that the practitioner will follow and to note if any corners are cut.

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