A Summary Of The Various Types Of Eyelash Extensions Rancho Folsom CA

By Daniel Hamilton

The markets are rich with eyelash extension types. Even though most people know about the faux mink because it is the most popular, there are other options you could consider to ensure that you find the best possible way to enhance the appearance of your natural lashes. By knowing your options, you will be able to choose a product that matches your personal preferences. If you require the installation of eyelash extensions Rancho Folsom CA has numerous dependable aestheticians to offer.

By installing eyelash extensions, you can boost your overall appearance and also save the money you would otherwise use to buy quality mascara for daily use. A professional service can last for months and you would only need to seek a refill occasionally. The ideal aesthetician will see to it that you enjoy optimal value for the cash you spend.

The markets have four main products that differ mainly in their firmness. These products will also differ in terms of whether they are made using synthetic hair, natural hair or faux hair. Because all the four varieties of lashes are superb, you merely need to make a choice after considering your preferences, objectives and financial means.

Mink lashes are mainly preferred by older customers or those that prefer having an exceptional natural appearance. The extensions are of top quality and they come in form of Siberian mink or Chinese mink. What stands out about mink lashes is that they are fluffy, light and have a soft natural appearance. On the downside, they are expensive and permed, meaning that you have to keep curling them to maintain a natural and properly curled eyelash look.

The faux mink eyelashes are popular for all the obvious reasons. They are created using poly fiber and you can choose from products that differ in terms of diameter, length and curls. What makes the faux mink lashes ideal is that they come with permanent curls, they are more affordable and they are impressive replicas of the original mink fur. These lashes are more vibrant and glossier than both silk and mink lashes and they require very little maintenance.

Silk eyelash extensions are versatile, fine and mid weight. They are highly sought after by older clients as well as younger ones. Again, you can choose from a selection of curls and lengths for you to achieve your intended look. Because the curls on silk lashes are less uniform, this product would leave you with an outstanding natural look.

Silk lashes tend to be thicker than all other eyelash products. They also have a rich, black color and this makes it easier for clients to achieve an impressive bold look. On the down side, silk lashes are the most uncomfortable to wear and this makes other options more desirable.

Sable fur lashes are made using animal fur. This is the thinnest product you can find, and it would be an excellent choice if your eyelashes are naturally thin and scant. Installing the sable furs will in this case be easier than installing and even maintaining thicker lashes on your delicate natural eyelashes.

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