A Seasoned Podiatrist Outlines Ways To Effectively Address Foot Odor

By Eric Young

The number of sweat glands in your feet exceeds those in any other part of your body. This makes the feet more vulnerable to developing bad odors because of both skin and perspiration bacteria. You need to develop a proper defense to save yourself from having stinky shoes and feet. Unfortunately, those around you can get a bad impression because of your foot odor.

It remains vital to consult with a podiatrist for you to get solutions that are particularly ideal for your specific concerns. However, there are some tips you must implement to find out whether the concern can naturally address itself. First, strive to maintain the best standards of personal hygiene. This is one of the basic ways of combating smelly feet.

Taking a quick rinse in the shower may not keep bacteria at bay. For you to get it right, you want to thoroughly scrub your feet and also give special attention to the area in between your toes. Using antibacterial soap can play a major role in ascertaining that a proper foot cleaning job is done. Also make a point of drying the feet properly before you wear your shoes.

Properly cleaning your feet will be counterproductive if your shoes are dirty. Ascertaining that your footwear is equally clean and free of dirt and bacteria will be a matter of paramount importance. You should wash your shoes and socks thoroughly and affirm that they are properly dried before wearing. Generally, maintaining top standards of hygiene can help to keep the foul odors at bay.

Another thing you should do is to fine tune your footwear. Ensure that you invest in socks that have a moisture-wicking, breathable fabric. If possible, wear open toe shoes or those that have a mesh fabric to improve air circulation around your feet. Then again, routinely switch your shoes each day to give every pair the time to effectively air out.

Another fantastic trick that will come in handy is that you must constantly change the insoles. The good news is that insoles are cheap. Once you remove your shoes, take out the insoles that are full of bacteria and sweat and exchange them with clean ones. In case the stink is still persistent, you can request your podiatrist for medicated insoles that have germ-killing properties.

If the soles of your feet sweat excessively, applying a deodorizer may help. There are reliable deodorizing powders and antiperspirant sprays that you can depend on. Similar to the armpits, deodorizing the feet can assist in blocking bad odors and reducing perspiration.

The final alternative you can consider is to steer clear of certain foods. In the event where every other trick fails, then you must avoid both spicy foods and alcoholic beverages because they have components that are able to change the smell of your sweat. If nothing changes, see your podiatrist because you may have feet infections or other health issues.

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