Tooth Removal Maui; A Summary Of Foods To Avoid Following Wisdom Tooth Extraction

By Catherine Walker

A wisdom tooth extraction procedure can be a little intimidating. The good news is that it is not highly invasive and the procedure can also keep a myriad of devastating dental problems at bay. Even so, you should expect your mouth to be sensitive for several days following a procedure. During this time, you will be at greater risk of suffering from irritations or infections. If you require wisdom tooth removal Maui is a good place to start research for the finest dentists.

There are foods you must avoid to reduce the chances of suffering from an infection and also to prevent irritation. On the bright side, you merely need to avoid these foods until your mouth has healed completely. It is in your best interests to ensure that you play a role in expediting your recovery process.

It will be in your best interests to stop eating spicy foods for around three days following a procedure. It is normal to want takeout food instead of preparing your meals at home and you merely need to ascertain that you do not order meals like buffalo wings and pad Thai. The idea is to avoid anything that has the potential of irritating the operated site.

Additionally, do not go for foods like sesame seed buns or even bagels with poppy seed. Anything that has small seeds will be dangerous because the seeds in question could lodge into the raw tooth socket. In case you eat such foods and something gets stuck on the operated site, you will need to see a dentist immediately to save yourself from the horrors of nursing an infection.

It goes without saying that you should not take alcohol after surgery. Alcoholic beverages are blood thinners and even wine can make it harder for minor bleeding to stop. Then again, you should also understand that alcohol interferes with pain medication. You should avoid having any alcoholic drinks for about a day or two following a tooth extraction procedure.

Unfortunately, you will also need to avoid milkshakes. Such drinks may sound better because you can save yourself from chewing and at the same time not starve yourself to death. On the down side, they are cold and this could cause irritations on the fresh surgical site. It is also imperative for you not to use a straw when drinking water, tea or any other drink. The suction pressure can wedge out the clots that have formed on the site.

When choosing your drinks, be sure to ingest them when they are at room temperature. Drinking hot soups or tea can result in a dry socket or in an infection. You may therefore want to ensure that you stick to drinking lukewarm fluids for about three days following the extraction procedure.

A qualified and experienced dentist can provide wisdom tooth removal services. The professional can also lend a hand if you have a cavity that is beyond repair. Before you are scheduled for a tooth extraction procedure, the expert will bother to inform you about the different treatment options you may consider.

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