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By Barbara Thompson

Gymnastics is defined as the performance of systematic exercises. It often involves the use of various apparatus such as bars and rings. It may be performed as a competitive sport or for purposes of improving strength, coordination, physical conditioning, control, balance, flexibility, and agility among many other qualities. It is usually classified as one of the oldest sports in the whole world. It was exercised thousands of years ago in the ancient civilization of the Greek Empire. When in search of a tutor for gymnastics Fishers Indiana should be given priority.

Even though this sport has evolved a lot to involve several new exercises, most competitions are still rooted in ancient exercises. At the moment, many countries have gymnastic competitions of their own. At the same time, there are international competitions that accept participants from all countries of the world. For instance, gymnastics make a huge part of the Olympic competitions, which are held after every four years in different countries.

In most cases, the FIG governs and regulates this sport. The rules and standards that exist in this sport are set and enforced by the FIG. Concurrently, individual countries have their own regulatory bodies for regulation and coordination of the sport nationally. In some countries, there exist more than just one regulatory body.

The phrase gymnastic has its roots in Greek language where it means exercising while naked. The phrase was used in reference to all activities undertaken in the gymnasium in Greece. Athletes in gymnasiums undertook their routines and performed naked. Most of these practices undertaken in gymnasiums were later on incorporated into Olympic Games. Later on in AD 393, the Olympic Games were terminated.

The old gymnastics entailed several activities that are currently grouped as separate sports. These activities include boxing, wrestling, and athletics. Of all the activities that were included in old gymnastic, only tumbling and vaulting are still included in the modern form of the sport. Tumbling has a very long history and continued to be exercised well into the Middle Ages when the Olympic Games no longer existed.

It is key to understand that the whole of gymnastics entails a number of disciplines. Nonetheless, the only well-known discipline is the competitive artistic form. The sport also entails other disciplines that people are less familiar with including rhythmic and aerobic gymnastics. In spite of the two remaining unknown for a long period, there is currently a high growth rate in popularity.

Artistic gymnastic is the most widespread discipline of gymnastic and it is grouped into women and men gymnastics. Women usually have four events in which they have to compete. These four events include balance beam, floor exercises, uneven bars, and the vault. On the other hand, men compete in six events. These six events include pommel horse, floor exercises, vault, high bar, parallel bars, and still rings.

Rhythmic gymnastics defines the performance of different gymnastics moves and/or dance exercises to music. It may involve the use of gymnastic apparatus or not and it combines elements of ballet and gymnastic. This discipline is practiced by women only and it entails five separate routines. Gymnasts use five apparatus, which include rope, clubs, hoop, ribbon, and ball.

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