This Is How A Gut Health Improvement Program Typically Looks

By Carolyn Barnes

Just because you're not experiencing too much gas, abdominal cramping and diarrhea doesn't mean right away that your gut is healthy. The fact is it's very much possible for issues regarding the intestines to show up elsewhere in your body or as all sorts of unusual symptoms. They include skin irritation, bad breath, weight gain, anxiety, brain fog and lack of sleep. If you feel that your intestines are in a terrible shape, you can benefit a lot from meeting with a professional who can design a gut health improvement program for you. Continue reading to know what such usually looks like.

Consume foods with probiotics. While there are different possible programs, all of them share something in common. That is the intake of probiotics which are beneficial types of bacteria. Yogurt is unquestionably one of the most popular sources of probiotics. They can also be obtained from an array of fermented food products such as kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh and kombucha.

Take probiotic capsules. Worry not if you cannot regularly add foods rich in probiotics to the diet because you may simply obtain them from supplements. When shopping, go for a brand that comes with superb quality and is being offered by a respected company. Fail to do so and you will only waste your money.

Give probiotics the nourishment they need. Even if you are regularly consuming probiotic rich foods or taking probiotic supplements, it means nothing if you are starving those beneficial bacteria that you are introducing into your intestines. This is why you should also include in your diet what's referred to as prebiotics. Some of their best sources include bananas, asparagus, artichokes, tomatoes, onions, garlic and whole grains.

Stay away from refined sugar. In order to keep your intestines healthy, it's a must that they have more beneficial bacteria than damaging ones. Refined sugar can encourage bad gut bacteria to grow and multiply, eventually outnumbering their healthy counterparts. It's exactly due to this why a program typically requires a person to avoid refined sugar.

Avoid having processed food. Make sure that you turn your back on anything that's processed if you love your intestines. Doctors confirm that the gut can be damaged by chemicals commonly found in processed foods. Stick to fresh, whole foods for optimum health. It's also a great idea for you to start learning how to make healthy treats from scratch.

Minimize stress. It's not just what you put in your mouth that's important, but also how you deal with stress. According to health authorities, being stressed all the time can considerably augment the many ill effects of having unhealthy intestines. Such can cause anything from depression, poor digestion and a weakened immune system.

Get your regular dose of exercise. Based on studies, athletes have healthier intestines than people who are leading sedentary lives. It is believed that such is brought about by the fact that athletes are physically active individuals. So if your goal is to have the gut of an athlete, make sure that you exercise often.

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