Talking About DNA Test Locations

By Ronald Kennedy

Having doubts about your family and whose kid belongs to who? That must mean you do not trust anyone there, huh? Especially if one, if not most, of your family members, have been known for their not so holy or moral night activities. If you are looking for someplace to get some of the kids tested, then have no fear because we are going to show you some DNA Test Locations.

She would practice her dark powers in, ironically, the dark, with their other 2nd in command and butler friend Ivan. She took up the mantle of being the leader seriously, now that everyone decided to fall slowly apart of each other. Because what could she do? Except busy herself with what needs to be looked over.

Kuuse found survivors, the blue haired said, grimacing a bit. This was not anything new. Kuuse ALWAYS finds survivors whenever she was out. And she was always, if not most, OUT. She was one of their main reasons why the facility is so full of loyal survivors. But Raki did not come out of the Control Room to say something that common and useless.

Kira walked to him with a light spring to her steps, something she notices about Kira these days whenever she shows up. She does not look happy, per se, but her body SEEMS to be. The pyro felt gross with her assumptions. Not because she felt terrible about assuming something of her friend.

Of Kazukis cold attitude and reluctance to going down from that spot on the 2nd floor. Of Yumis drawn out form whenever she leaves her room for a cup of coffee just to avoid sleeping. And of Kuuses indifferent personality and absence. Ivan misses his girls. Once Kuuse returns from her rescue mission, he was gonna do something about this. He has to.

Ice traveled down her spine at what her Leader is insinuating. There was a reason why Raki was the Leader instead of Junko who had an ingrained over protective beast like instinct in her brain. Or Kuuse who was the strongest experiment ever created, or Kazuki who was born into a military family serving under the Japanese Government.

Ivan smiled down at her and places a tray of steaming hot soup and mashed potatoes. Not the conventional and traditional Japanese meal but hey, they ditched the traditional when the world decided it did not want to even BE a world anymore. Besides, Western stuff was loads better. Thanks, she muttered before going back to her phone, ignoring his disapproving look. She will eat when she wants to.

Ivan does nothing about this except to leave, probably to go deliver food to the other bitches she was forced to still live with. Rolling her eyes, she muttered obscenities whilst pausing her game. Sliding the tray closer, she took a peek from her small cave to find the others.

As it was, she got forced to sit next to Kuuses empty chair and Yumi, who looked as unhealthy as a dying child in Africa. Not that Kazuki cared. Not anymore at least. It was hard to care for people who cannot keep to their word.

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