Success In The Formulation Of Integrated Care St Petersburg FL

By Eric Taylor

The dramatic changes in the health industries have been triggered by the development of strategies that are geared towards ensuring that provision of medical services is done to the best level. This has been the driver of the setting up of policies such as Integrated Care St Petersburg FL. Here, there has to be the combination of the key players and functions in order to achieve the aspects of quality and efficiency among other benefits. These items must be included when setting up this framework to ensure its success.

Inclusion of all stakeholders is the first thing that will be done during the setting up of this integration. When some of them are left out during the planning and formulation, there will be challenges when it comes to the implementation stage. It is therefore essential that all the stakeholders are involved where they give their contribution to this project.

Bring up the issue of financial management where the goal that is being sought is a reduction in costs. Integrating services is supposed to bear a reduction in finances spent since this will bring in the element of economies of scale. This is geared towards achieving a reduction in this aspect basing the argument on the costs that were previously being incurred to offer the same services.

Basing this development on the satisfaction of patients is important. The initial idea behind this program was to ensure that customers received the best attention where they could easily access the services they need at a reduced cost. Whenever this aspect is not handled sufficiently, there are possibilities of barriers that limit the access of patients to the various services that they need.

Another aspect that will be covered in this is the forming of cross-functional teams. These are aimed at reducing the time and costs that are spent as health care is offered to patients. One will have to ensure that this is done where the teams that are formed make it easier for patients to receive medical services and reduce the costs spent in offering health services. This simply entails the collaboration of available services providers.

It is important to have a central system that contributes towards the measurement and control to gauge performance. Every program that is established needs to be measured so as to point out if it is moving in the right direction. This is aimed at pointing out the level of achievement which will also come with correction or improvement measures.

Management and governance will also be required in order for these programs to work effectively. This is a system where different functions are coming together which means there has to be control to ensure that there is no confusion and mistakes. A governance system has to be set up so as to give directions on what must be done at specific times and offering solutions where there are collisions.

In conclusion, there must be the development of information systems that aim at ensuring that there is information sharing and gathering of data. It is probably one of the hardest things when it comes to integrated care and sometimes may be expensive if the right tools are not used. Simplicity is the key to setting up these information systems and ensuring proper linking.

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