Medical And Psychological Counseling For HIV Victims

By Rebecca Smith

Forums or associations are a group of people working towards a common goal. This, we come across so many places in daily life. We see associations in offices, charity, and social service, medical, voluntary and so many other areas. Especially they play a major role in activities like rehabilitation. Hence we see a lot of people in HIV organizations NYC.

AIDS in full form is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. As the name says, it is a disease related to immunity deficiency. It is a viral infection. Immunity is the power in the human body to fight against a particular disease. This is otherwise called as resistance power. We have a lot of medicines in the field of science to improve immunity.

The more immunity a human body has, more the power to fight with diseases. Usually, this power is attained from food intake or genetic influence. The former can be varied whereas the later cannot be changed. If a person has more resistance power, he or she will be less affected by diseases. However, we will have a rough idea of genes running in the family.

Better if we visit clinics, where it is assured that proper medical practices are followed. That way we may avoid any unwanted situations in future. The work culture and distorted life style is a also culprit in performing unlawful practices. Due to stress and frustration and increased incomes, people choose to enjoy life.

We must first know the reasons that might cause disease. Then, prevent them as much as possible. If it has already affected our body, then we have to see all the possible medicines that can be taken. It can be Allopathic medicine, Homeopathic or Ayurveda. Consult doctors and take proper treatment. That is it.

But, it is not the case now. Thanks to researchers and scientists who have contributed to the field of medicine and technology. A lot of experiments were carried out to arrive at a conclusion regarding the eradication of bacteria and viruses. Bacteria and viruses are by and large the main cause of diseases.

Mostly, diseases are caused by lifestyle disorders. AIDS is one of them. It is a very dangerous disease but one can live happily if they how to handle it. There are three main reasons which cause this disease. First one is unsafe sex. Second is from mother to baby. The third is during a blood transfusion. Even aids insertion through needles comes under this category.

The scientists were so dedicated that they would risk their lives for their discoveries and inventions. Let us consider the example of the discovery of Radium. The scientist who discovered it died at an early age due to radiation effect. But, it has saved the life of many patients who suffered from cancer.

We have heard of scientists in History, who have spent their entire life on experiments. We are now enjoying the fruits of their dedication and hard work. Many theories and postulates have been developed to support and as a record of their experiments so that the future generations can take this up even after their lifetime.

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