Fundamental Facts About Macular Degeneration Washington DC

By Patricia Long

Macular degeneration is the leading cause of loss of vision. The macular is part of the retina, which is the back part of the eye that turns images into signals which go to the brain. When the macular begins to break down, there will be trouble seeing details clearly. For instance, you could see outline of a clock but not its hands. When it comes to macular degeneration Washington DC residents need to know what it entails.

Early symptoms will include having blurred vision and having problems seeing colors or finer details. As the condition worsens, one might end up losing their center vision. That will mean they will have problems doing such things as driving and even telling apart faces of people. That would mean brighter light is needed to see clearly. Judgment of distances will also not be easy. For others, there will be visual hallucinations.

There has never been clarity as to what the cause of macular degeneration is. It is however known to be genetic. That means that people in whose families it runs are more likely to suffer from it. Lifestyle is also known to be a factor leading to it. Smokers for instances are more likely to be affected than non smokers. There are two types of the condition, the wet type and dry type. The latter is never as common.

The process of diagnosis is an important one. There is placement of eye drops into eyes so that pupils are dilated to make the examination easy. The dilation makes it easy for a doctor to use an instrument known as an ophthalmoscope to check whether there are fatty deposits at the retina. When one goes for yearly exams, it becomes possible to spot early symptoms.

There are different options of treatment. The use of lasers is an option. With the use of lasers, the doctor points lasers at extra blood vessels that are in the eyes so as to break them up. There could also be use of photodynamic therapy whereby there is placement of a light-sensitive drug into the body via the veins. The veins in the arms are used for that. There is then triggering of the drug using lasers so that there is destruction of blood vessels which are leading to the problem. For advanced cases, doctors might suggest that lens are replaced with a pea-sized telescope.

There are many high-tech devices which can help one to get through daily life. A telescope can be placed on your glasses so that one is able to see things which are far away. Computer software can turn words which are on the screen into speech that can be heard. Using closed-circuit television magnifiers makes it possible to see such things as books or needle-points on TV screens.

There is never really any cure for macular degeneration. However, one can make healthy choices so that it is slowed down and so that symptoms do not get worse. Getting regular exercise, protecting eyes from the sun using sunglasses and smoking quitting will help. You should strive to eat healthy diets rich in fish and leafy vegetables.

It is important to start management of the condition well in advance. Going for periodic check up will help greatly. A doctor should examine the eyes every once in a while to check whether one has it or the extent to which it has gotten.

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