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By Henry Sullivan

At the moment, the world is approximated to have a population of more than six billion people and the rate at which it is growing is very fast. Scientists and futurists say that at some point, this rapid expansion in population may not be able to be supported by the world because the resources available are finite. When the world becomes incapable of supporting life expectancy and quality will diminish significantly. When one needs Tubal Reversal Surgeon Offers the perfect location to visit.

Methods of birth control have been developed to deal with the problem of rapid population growth. Laws have been enacted by some countries to put a restriction on the number of children couples can have. It is only recently that the Chinese were permitted to give birth to multiple children. However, for a long time, Chinese couples could not have more than one child. Among the most successful means of reducing rapid population growth is the use of birth control methods. Both women and men can use these methods.

The various birth control methods work differently. Whereas some methods are only temporary, others produce permanent results. Tubal ligation is one of the methods that women can use to control birth as long as they want. During this surgery, the tubes that connect the ovaries to the womb blocked. This is meant to prevent ovaries and sperms to move so that they can join each other and fertilize.

Initially, tubal ligation was intended to be an irreversible procedure, but people began having second thoughts after undergoing the process. Those who went through this process initially had no intention of having children. Later, they began changing their minds and wished to be pregnant. Therefore, ways of reversing the process had to be developed. The reversal procedure was later named tubal ligation reversal/tubal reversal surgery.

When one is going for this procedure, the doctor will have to take a comprehensive observation and assessment of the fallopian tubes. This is done using a laparoscopic camera. The camera is inserted into the abdomen through a small slit on the body. In case it is determined that there is enough fallopian tube left to restore fertility, then the reversal procedure can be done.

A laparoscopic surgery is the one used in this procedure. It involves making numerous tiny incisions in the stomach where the camera and surgical instruments will be passed through. The incisions measure less than half an inch, with the largest being about half an inch. The surgeon then controls the surgical instruments inserted into the abdomen from outside. Patients have to be placed under general anesthesia during the operation. Two to three hours is the usual duration this operation takes.

When undergoing this process, all damaged parts in the fallopian tube are removed from the body. Also, all external devices like clips and rings that may have been placed around the fallopian tube must be removed. After this, small stitches are used to reattach undamaged ends of the fallopian tube.

After the reattachment has been completed, it is time to confirm if success was achieved. To do this, dyes are injected into the ends of the fallopian tubes. Leakage of the dye usually indicates that the procedure did not go well and may have to be redone.

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