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By Pamela Murphy

Nowadays we can work from home as well as we are able to study from home too. A lot of courses available in all fields. A certificate is awarded post completion of the course. To get certification in particular course CPE resources NYC is helpful.

There are different types of communications are there. They are verbal, nonverbal and written communication which is much more important to share and pass information from one to another for the growth of the business, advance the technology, achieve objectives, trade union movement spreading, human relations. The elements of communication are the sender, message, encoding, medium, decoding, and receiver.

Directions are judged by observing the stars at sky during night. By some markings and formations of stars North and South poles are decided. During the expedition on the sea, sailors follow stars to reach their destination. Later on, the compass is used to find poles and directions during the expedition. This was a very useful tool.

The communication mainly occurs through telephones or mobile phones, computers and in the written form. Firstly we know how communication through phones is happening, there are two types of telephonic communications landline and mobile phone. The communication through landline is wired communication the telephone is made up of an electronic and mechanical system in which we have conversations.

Our earth is of spherical shape. Places near to equator gets more heat. A lot of deserts present around equator due to the massive amount of heat. Very few plants grow in that desert heat. Fruits like Dates grow well in desert conditions.

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell. Dogs serve as dog squad in police department and military. Cats are used to get rid of rodents in fields. Mice are a major problem for farmers. Rodents eat the grains and spoil the crop. Pesticides and exterminators are used by farmers. Natural as well as artificial fertilizers sprayed over fields. Natural fertilizers consist of animal dung and organic waste.

About countries, continents and geographical conditions are given in social books. Latitude and longitude of a certain place are used to indicate it in maps. Maps consist of boundaries of countries. All nations and oceans can be seen on the world map. We used to draw maps on paper. Ancient times, route maps are drawn on stones and animal skin.

In computers, we have different applications which are developed by software organization. In computer system, we have an Operating System, which is a platform to execute our programs. The system manages all the components and operations of a computer without an Operating System the computer cannot do anything.

Reason to conduct exam is to know the ability of a person on a particular thing or topic. People attend exams to get certified. Certification of a person reflects the standard of his skill. We use our knowledge to get a good job. Humans consume lots of calories during work. Good food and perfect diet help us to stay fit. Our eyes capture figures and store it in the brain.

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