Basic Truths About The Human Hair

By Nancy Graham

All mammals have their bodies covered with it to protect it against hot or cold weather. A man a king. This protein filament is common among mammals. Human beings are born with it in various degrees and it grows thick only on the head. When people are balding they turn to Los Angeles natural hair growth.

People treat the threadlike matter on their heads in many ways. Different cultures cut it according their beliefs and traditions. Age, religion, and sex also influence the way it is being treated. But that was more evident in the past when people got stuck in their own culture. Contemporary living is more universal in attitude and behavior thru the internet.

The protein filament found on the human body, specifically those found growing on the scalp is classified into four types. The strait strands are the most shiny and resilient of all. It really is very challenging to destroy and very difficult to curl and is most oily of the four and this reflects light causing its sheen.

The second classification is the wavy one. The texture of this fiber is right between that of the straight and curly strands. Wavy outgrowths tend to become frizzy than straight ones. This type is very difficult to style and cut. These filaments have great tendency to always return to is natural form.

Type three is the curly kind. It often is believed that this type is prevents the entry of ultraviolet light better than the other three. This is often term as the Z or S type since the form closely resembles the letters. This classification is the most voluminous. It needs extreme care otherwise the corkscrew shape will be loosened.

The last type is perhaps the most intriguing since it is the kinkiest one. The helix, tight corkscrew shape it hard to plait. It is very dense and is commonly associated with peoples of Oceania and the African continent. These are very dense and combing them can be very challenging. During the nineteen seventies this was well known as the Afro look.

Filament strands being to fall off and refuse to grow as a person ages. There are other factors thought that can also impedes the generation and the most common is lack of vitamins and minerals. Medical treatment like chemo and radiation therapy causes baldness. Another big influence is genetics. There are some people who are naturally bald.

An individual should not attempt to initiate forced growth without properly consulting professional or experts. He or she should conduct online research about the processes related to it and be careful with chemicals that might be damaging, again research these as well as clinics and laboratories that know how to regenerate strand generation.

The fiber growth on a skull has significant social impact. It is the most seen part of people and is an indication of social status. It can signify ethnic origin through its type and color. It turns white as people grow old due the lesser production of chemicals associated with its growth. Like all body parts, this can be best maintained with proper hygiene.

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