An Overview Of Functional Medicine Atlanta

By Melissa Morris

Being health has a lot to do with what your daily activities are, how you eat and feel and not only the absence of diseases in your body. When one understands this, then you are in a better position of reaching optimum health in your life. One of the most advantageous procedure to do this is using Functional Medicine Atlanta which helps you keep off from chronic illnesses or learn how to handle them.

This method promotes a healthy way of living through using a different technique in helping you to be in good shape. It works towards healing the patient by simply finding out the main causes of a disease, preventing it and also managing it without only treating its symptoms. The procedures used in this type of treatment allows you to have a less dependency on drug use and have more open ideas to healing.

This kind of treatment is more patient-centered. It involves the physician getting a look on your history in terms of health and lifestyle genetic makeup, physiology, getting to understand the whole story and later on relating them back to what you are experiencing. This is beneficial to you as it will bring out discovery and development of a management plan to help you reach optimal health.

Functional medicine does not completely leave out conventional medicine. This is because it uses conventional methods as a foundation on which it simply adds to prevention and management of chronic illnesses. These procedure integrates best traditional medical practices while adding more to the treatment by advising patients to prevent illnesses through improvement of nutrition, exercise, use of botanical supplements, exercises and stress management techniques.

With this process being more inclined to healing than treating, it offers different benefits compared to conventional medicine. Conventional model of treatment which is widely and commonly used has more to do with the treating of symptoms of chronic illnesses rather than finding its root cause. The difference between the two is that functional model helps you to reach primary prevention of diseases before it takes place.

Conventional medicine offers a quick solution to chronic illnesses through focusing on symptom treatment. Considering that finding the root cause of that illnesses will allow primary prevention, functional method can be seen to be more patient-centered. In most cases, the person is often the one having the solution to his or her predicament as most of the answers are in the details of history behind the lifestyle and family health.

This treatment method allows the patient to have a sense of responsibility as he or she is mainly part of the solution to the illness. In most cases, the management plan is often derived from the information that you give to the specialist, making you a key source in achieving optimal health. Instead of fully relying on drugs, one will be more inclined to a change of lifestyle.

However, this treatment may not work well with those who are not keen to keep a change in routine. It requires a lot of self-discipline as much of the activities, food and habits will have to change in order for a healthy living to work out. It requires a strong will and determination and patience to get used to the changes.

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