A Few Basic Preparation And Aftercare Procedures For Microblading Montreal

By Brenda Sullivan

If your normal morning makeup routine involves filling and shaping your eyebrows, chances are that getting ready for your day is a time intensive process. In this case, you could save yourself from all the hassle by seeking microblading services. This is a cosmetic procedure that will leave you with appealing and natural looking brows that can last for over three years. If you are interested in microblading Montreal is an excellent place to begin your hunt for the finest specialists.

During a session, the professional will strive to improve the definition of your brows. This will be achieved by filling in gaps between the hairs and also creating a suitable eyebrow shape. It takes training and years of experience for the expert to use feathers of micropigments or tattoo strokes to create an appearance that is identical to naturally full brows.

It is important for you to prepare for a procedure. The first thing you must do is see your expert for consultation. The professional will need to know about your desired eyebrow fullness and shape. He or she will also help you choose the micropigments that can work well with your hair color and your skin tone.

It pays to understand that your skin would be used as the canvas during a procedure. You hence need to ascertain that your skin is free of irritations and is both strong and healthy. For this to be achieved, there are some basic skin preparation guidelines that you would need to follow for several weeks prior to your microblading appointment.

It is important not to get your fillers and Botox injections for at least three weeks prior to your appointment, you also need to abstain from facials, tanning and using hair growth serums for at least two weeks. It will also be important for you not to tint, wax or tweeze your eyebrows for about one week. During this time, you should also not take Vitamin E supplements and fish oil. Finally, stop taking any alcohol and blood thinning medication for at least three days to your sessions.

There are special guidelines you ought to follow when your sessions are about 24 hours away. At this point, you should stop doing your routine workouts and also limit your caffeine consumption. These preparation tips will greatly enhance the chances of the finest outcome being achieved.

The aftercare procedures will assist in preserving the outcome of a treatment and preventing premature fading. You should keep your brows dry for about one week and this means that you should only sponge bath the treated area. You also need to skip your workouts for this period to prevent sweating.

Once you have healed, use a quality sunscreen every day to protect the micropigment from fading. You also want to limit the amount of time you spend in the sun. Finally, you should see your specialist for the last touch-up within four to six weeks after your procedure is performed.

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