The Main Services Offered By An OBGYN Los Angeles

By Brian Russell

An obstetrician-gynecologist is a medical practitioner who provides medical care for women. This doctor also offers medical care for any condition that is related to the reproductive system of women. The primary duties of an OBGYN Los Angeles expert include caring for women who are pregnant women. They also provide preventive care such as yearly pap smears for women. These practitioners also offer treatment for conditions like menopause symptoms, hormonal imbalances as well as breast cancer.

These gynecologists provide pregnant women with prenatal care. They monitor the health of the fetus, and that of the mother is okay at all times. They thus supervise the growth, health, and development of the fetus is good by measuring the heart and breathing rate. Some women may develop complications due to some genetic risks. The gynecologists test the patients and provide the correct medication. They also ensure that the patients have the right weight, heart rate as well as blood pressure.

These obstetrician-gynecologists help the mothers to deliver babies. They make sure that the mother has given birth safely and without complications. In case a woman is unable to deliver normally, they perform cesarean sections deliveries. These medical doctors are always ready to perform any emergency surgery when necessary.

The obstetricians oversee the wellbeing of the mothers and their babies. They ensure that they are perfectly healthy during childbirth. More so, they offer the right treatment as well as medication to the baby and its mother. These technicians are always alert in case of any changes in the health of the mother or baby.

For example, sometimes mothers the body of the mother may start bleeding uncontrollably during or after birth. The technicians must thus stabilize this condition as soon as possible to save the patient. Also, some newly born babies have difficulties breathing. It is the responsibility of the gynecologists to stabilize the baby immediately.

Some so many women are struggling to conceive. It is the work of the obstetrician to perform tests on these women. These tests help the doctors to determine the primary cause of infertility. They then provide medication and other treatment plans to help these women conceive. In case the gynecologists cannot handle the case, they refer the patient to a fertility specialist for more testing.

Any person willing to become an obstetrician-gynecologist must be a holder of a masters degree in medicine. One must also acquire licensing by sitting for the set licensing examination. These are some of the basic requirements that every person must meet before moving to the next level.

On top of the license, one must complete the residency program that takes four years. They must also sit for an examination set by the Board of Obstetrics for them to be fully certified to practice as gynecologists. To maintain the license as well as the certification, one must continue with education as a requirement of many states.

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