The Impact Of Head Position In Your Sleep And Why Fix It With Back Pain Sciatica Treatment Conroe Texas

By Patricia Miller

There are numerous sleeping disorders known to date, night apnea is one of them. Apnea comes in three forms, the brain-caused one called central sleep apnea (CSA), the blockage caused one called obstructive sleep apnea and the combination of these two called complex sleep apnea syndrome (CSAS). The sleeping position has a lot to do with another kind of pain, that may need back pain sciatica treatment Conroe Texas, however, head position in nighttime apnea is not the only factor. Night apnea is when a person s air supply gets interrupted by difficulty in breathing during sleeping and thereby reducing the amount of oxygen acquired by the body.

OSA is characterised by blockage of the air passage. This blockage is caused by a certain muscle in the throat that relaxes unwantedly during sleep, when that muscle relaxes it closes the passage or it partially closes it narrowing the airway. When the air passage is closed, it becomes difficult to inhale and exhale or it becomes completely impossible. If a person misses their breath a number of times, their body will start to suffer since it needs the oxygen in the inhaled air, hence, when the airway gets closed, the body responds by awakening you so that you may breathe.

When your head is at a different elevation from the rest of your body while sleeping, a gradient is created, the chin will get closed to your chest, this will make breathing a bit difficult. So it is important to watch out for your head position while sleeping as this may lead to sleep apnea. Research shows that improper head positioning when sleeping can lead to OSA.

Head position may or may not be the main factor for night apnea. There are other factors that may cause OSA. Too much body fat can decrease the air passageway circumference, and then there people born with thick necks which can also cause OSA. Unfortunately, there are people who inherited narrow airways from birth or those who have allergies which may cause OSA. Men and older people are at a higher risk of suffering from OSA. Smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol can also cause night apnea.

CSA is caused by the failure of the brain to send signals to the respiratory system. CSA makes a person stop breathing involuntarily while sleeping. The body will try to save itself by making that person wake up. CSA suffering people gasp for air at night and most of them are insomniacs. There are people who suffer from both CSA and OSA, their condition is CSAS.

Symptoms of night apnea include loud snoring and finding it difficult to breathe while sleeping. Waking up with a dry mouth and a headache is also a sign. Because the body subconsciously tries to wake you up to breathe, you might suffer from insomnia and tiredness during the day. A person may also find it hard to concentrate during the day because they are tired.

Side effects of night apnea are illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and heart-related illnesses.

Should you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms, go to consult a doctor.

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