Take Steps To Protect Your Vision With A Schedule Eye Exam Tulsa Oklahoma Appointment

By Deborah Green

It is important to care for your eyes properly to avoid conditions of the eyes and infections. There several diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma that do not show early recognizable symptoms but can be extremely damaging. Your eyes are in constant use and can easily become overstrained, that is why it is important to learn how to properly care for them by having a schedule eye exam Tulsa Oklahoma appointment.

Be sure to give your eyes plenty of rest throughout the day to reduce eye strain. If you are constantly working at a computer, rest your eyes every 20 minutes. Be sure to wash hands frequently to avoid transferring foreign objects or germs to the eyes. Handling money, raw meat and computer keys are quick ways to transfer particles to the eyes.

The condition of floaters is usually due to the aging of a person, or vitreous gel, which is located in every eye. People who are over the age of sixty-five often suffer from the condition than any other age group. However, the condition can occur at any age for different reasons. As a person's age, changes in the eye normally begin within the vitreous humor.

Floaters can also be caused by diseases including lupus, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. The treatment is then based upon the underlying health condition and what other types of medication or treatment the patient going through. Usually, once a person develops an eye floater it does not go away, but just becomes less noticeable over time. Individuals who do not have vision problems, but have underlying health conditions still need to see their eye doctor on a yearly basis.

Eye patients should stay current on information pertaining to their type of eyewear and eye condition. It is important to understand that contact lenses are controlled medical wear. These devices need regular care and to be inspected. The eye doctor will determine how often the patient needs to come in to have their eyes and controlled medical device inspected.

Your eye provider will make sure you are properly continuing to care for your eyes and contacts. Some things to remember before handling contacts is to wash hands and dry them well before picking up the contacts. It is important to do this each time before handling the lenses. Rub the contacts with fingertips. Rinse them thoroughly, before allowing them to soak during the night. The only thing that should ever touch the contact lenses are the fingertips. Long fingernails can tear or rip the lenses apart.

Also, remember to use the solution recommended by the eye-doctor or makers of the contact lens. Never use old or the same solution twice to clean contact lenses. Just as it is to properly clean lenses; it is just as important to store them correctly. Store the lenses in their proper recommended containers. Lens cases need replacing every three months, if not sooner. Keep the case cleaned after usage and be sure to leave it open to allow it to dry. Do not use re-wetting solution or saline drops to clean or disinfect lenses.

Everyone, including small children, needs to get their eyes examined regularly. Yearly exams are the key to healthy eyes. Many different factors can play into whether or not you are seeing as you should. Only your eye doctor will be able to make a diagnosis about your vision.

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