Sustainable Gardening Practices To Embrace

By Anna Hill

Beauty and good healthy are said to lie in natural elements. These natural elements also save people from spending fortunes in sustaining the beauty. For your garden, sustainable gardening practices will help you maintain a healthy patch that is also economical to maintain. It saves you time and resources you would require to keep it neat and productive. Consider the following tips.

Capture water, use it and conserve it on site. Gardens require water on regular basis. Luckily, rains provide a lot of it, only that it comes in seasons. Environmentalists recommend that you should catch water on site and use it on your garden. It saves you the trouble of pumping water from long distances. Such pumping is labor intensive.

Use waste from your house to generate compost. This compost will be used as fertilizer for the garden. The kitchen is a generous source of waste. The waste comes from leafy leftovers and other plant remains. Do not allow them to fill the waste bag and end up in landfills. Lay the remains at the root of your plants for mulching and eventual decomposition. Your soil ends up being extremely rich.

Mulching provides multiple benefits to your garden. It is basically used for conserving water. However, it has proven to be an effective weed suppressor. Over time, it decomposes to become humus and enrich your soil. This saves you on water for irrigation and reduces gardening frequency.

Invest in native plants for your patch. This has been drawn from nature. It has a way of finding balance such that you will require less effort to weed the garden. Native plants form a combination that also aids in mulching and in the process reduce the need for irrigation. Since local plants are adapted to the environment, they require less water and can naturally draw nutrients from the soil. This reduces the need for fertilizer.

Fruits and vegetables can be used as ornaments. Other than care for plants that only cost you money to sustain, opt for trees and shrubs that will reduce your kitchen budget. Mix the plants such that they harbor beneficial insects and therefore save you the trouble of using insecticides. Consult your agronomist to recommend the best plants that can be mixed with beauty plants.

Chicken will help you in tilling and fertilizer application. You need a few chickens to be released on the garden for a few minutes every day. Their search for food causes them to scratch the ground. This is an effective tilling exercise. They mix humus and leave you with very rich soil. Their droppings also add to the fertility of your soil. They end up laying very healthy and nutritious eggs. Their meat is also very healthy because it is natural.

Sustainable gardening involves the use of natural methods to keep the garden as beautiful and healthy as possible. It saves you the expenses of tilling and buying pesticides or herbicides, among other expenses. By making the right choices, you can have a healthy garden that is also productive throughout the year.

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