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By Amy Smith

The earth surface is home to living and inanimate things. Among the living is a creature that needs to eat in order to survive. Primitive peoples had to forage inside forests and across rivers and oceans looking for food to eat. Eating then was a must and when satisfied, the creature resorted to other activities. Modern population is now different because it prefers the other activities to be eating food. Overweight individual should trim down excess fat by way of Christian women weight loss program.

The ancestors of modern hominids were placed at a very terrible disadvantage when it first roamed the earth. It had to compete against other creatures that were built for speed and power. One can only imagine what early hominids had to contend with during the early days of its existence.

The puny hominids populated the earth and eventually dominated all the creatures in land and in waters. It learned how to deal with the unforgiving harshness of Mother Nature. Winds and storms brought about by the interaction of elements on sea, air, and land gave it the robustness to withstand the onslaught. The body alone could not have withstood the battering if not for the gray matter that resided within the cranial cavity.

The brain is a marvel of natural engineering. It cannot be replicated nor created with the most modern scientific discoveries and technologies. It is the only human organ that does not regenerate. Its thinking and storage capacities in terms of memories can never be equaled. It is this organ that is responsible for all the activity.

Nutrition fuels the body of a person. Energy is derived from it the moment enzymes break it down and convert it as fuel for the body. The whole person is comprised of the physical, the chemical, spiritual and emotional spectrum. The physical is easiest to explain but cranial mass that is capable of emotions still cannot be deciphered even by the brightest among the brightest.

It would be a miracle if a man can survived for a month without food. Hunger strikes are common expression of dissent but it never really is what everybody believes it to be. A man will die of hunger in a very short time. Forty days and forty nights of eating nothing is for the gods. Science cannot replicate such instances that are found in Christian bibles.

Chromosomes and genes play a part in the totality of a person. The mental and physical characteristics are passed on from generations to generation. The double helix of an individual gene have not yet been fully understood and perhaps nature has a big say on it, otherwise men will become gods if the full secret is revealed.

Science has proven through observation and experiments that living space determines the size of an individual regardless of genetic progeny. Fish from the same genes and of the same family and breed will grow differently in size even when give the same food. Huge fishes inside the Amazon River become tiny in confined spaces of an aquarium.

The environment has no brains and it has been at the mercy of mankind since the beginning of time. As man tends to abuse, nature laughs. It welcomes the idea of over eating more than what is needed as it speeds up the time spent on earth. Undisciplined eaters often die early because of excess nutrition that the body rejects.

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