Proper Caring Tips For Dentures Michigan Dentists Are Highly Recommending

By Sharon Powell

Regardless if partial or full, you should treat dentures correctly. You can be spotted with a lovely smile by ensuring that they're looking pristine and making them stay around for many years to come. Read on to learn a few caring tips for dentures Michigan dentists are recommending for you to keep in mind.

Clean them with water after having a meal. If brushing them is not viable after you eat, fret not as you can just have them washed under running water. See to it that they do not drop to the sink in order to save them from breaking. Avoid accidents by having the sink filled with water or putting a towel either on the counter or the sink itself.

Brush them at least once a day. Remove food and other deposits on your false teeth by cleaning them with a soft bristled toothbrush. Use a non abrasive denture cleanser and refrain from using whitening toothpastes as many of them contain harsh ingredients that could cause damage. If you use a denture adhesive, make sure that you thoroughly clean the areas that rest on your gums. Rinse them very well with water before placing them back in your mouth.

Soak them at night. Before you take your trip to dreamland, see to it that you soak your false teeth in water or denture soaking solution. Such is important for most denture types in order for them to retain their proper shape. Besides, it also allows your gum tissues to get much needed rest. However, check with your dentist regarding their proper storage at night, or follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.

In the morning, rinse thoroughly. Don't forget to wash them under running water very well before putting them in your mouth the next day especially if you soaked them in a denture soaking solution. Some of those soaking solutions available commercially contain chemicals that can cause stomachache and vomiting if ingested.

Never use hot water on them. You may be tempted to get those false teeth washed with hot water just to ensure that they're bacteria free. Dentists say, however, that such should be avoided as it can cause warping. It's enough that you use room temperature water every single time.

Handle them with lots of care. Whenever you are handling your false teeth, maintain that you do so carefully. Do your best to save them from crashing onto the sink, floor or any other rigid surface. Avoid applying pressure on the clasps and plastic components. Dentists confirm that dentures can be used for 5 to 7 long years if they're handled with care.

Let the dentist check them regularly. Most likely, your preferred dentist will ask you to drop by his or her office at specified times for the inspection of your dentures. Going to the dental clinic also enables them to get cleaned professionally. Don't hesitate to give your dentist a visit if it seems like they're no longer fitting correctly. Using poorly fitting false teeth can leave your gum tissues achy, irritated and inflamed.

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