Preventative Care Langhorne PA And The Issues Covered

By Helen Wright

Preventive visit is usually confused for the wellness visit when people want to understand Medicare plans. Though the two words are used interchangeably, their meanings are different. The clinic that offers preventative care Langhorne PA has the responsibility of performing Initial Preventive Physical Examination or IPPE. This examination is also commonly known as Welcome to Medicare Visit. It happens once in the life of your cover and must be within the first 12 months of Medicare Part B enrollment.

The initial visit is aimed at assessing your levels of safety and functional abilities. The physician takes you through the end-of-life plan and will recommend adjustments where necessary. Based on the results obtained, you will be counseled, educated or referred to a specialist. You are required to provide adequate and truthful information about your health during this visit.

The doctor takes your body vitals of weight, body mass index and height. Your blood pressure will also be examined alongside other factors that determine your health. Have basis information about your medical history and issues that may have afflicted your family. Bloodline review is very important in determining your level of risk and whether you are vulnerable.

Physicians also examine the mental health position of a patient. This includes depression history and the risk factors that would herald depression. Such examination will establish whether you are a potential candidate for depression or not. The evaluation allows mitigation steps to be taken. Your social history will also be examined alongside visual acuity screening. A combination of age, gender, history of your family and potential risk factors will inform the doctor on the tests to order for you.

The initial visit is usually free of charge at a clinic that is under Medicare Part B scheme. Initial screening and physical examination will be free as long as it is gender specific. Prescribed medication will be paid for under the scheme. This screening is intended to handle prevailing conditions and not new diagnosis or conditions that are being discussed afresh.

The visit will also cover immunization. The immunization covered includes Measles, Mumps and Rubella or MMR, flu and both Hepatitis A and B. Any treatment or further procedures recommended are aimed at preventing the condition or disease. Travel immunization is not covered. This includes Malaria, typhoid and rabies, among others.

The screening or tests to be conducted will be informed by your gender, age and general health upon evaluation. For women over 40, mammography screening is free. Colorectal cancer screening is also covered for all adults over 50 years. Screening for blood pressure is also done free of charge and cholesterol screening if you are at the designated risk age. Follow-up screening is not covered under the initial visit.

The fact that you to the preventive visit does not mean that you will not require the wellness visit. This annual visit helps you to keep track or your health condition and ensure that it does not deteriorate. A risky health situation will also be identified early and corrective measures taken. Good long term health requires regular monitoring and reviews.

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