Northwest Indiana Tummy Tuck And What The Procedure Involves

By Joseph Sanders

A tummy tuck helps to reshape and tighten the areas around the abdomen. This is so that the individual is able to achieve a slimmer appearance that is more aesthetically pleasing. Such an appearance will be able to improve the way that clothes fits the person, helping them to be more confident. For the residents of Northwest Indiana tummy tuck procedure has continued to gain popularity and it will be important to understand what it involves.

For the procedure, the muscles around the abdomen will be tightened. In addition, there will also be removal of any sagging skin in order to eliminate the protrusions. In the end, the mid section of the body is left looking flatter and more well toned. The procedure is used for both women and men. These are usually people whose bodies have undergone lots of changes after weight loss or pregnancy.

When one opts to go for the tummy tuck procedure, it is a personal decision. There are different reasons why one would consider it. The best candidates are those whose weight is near ideal, are not smokers are are very realistic as regards their expectations. When you are considering going for the procedure the selection of a surgeon will determine the results that you can expect. Generally, surgeons are supposed to go through training, and need to have the required experience. Before selecting a surgeon, you need to consider the successful procedures they have had previously.

There are different types of tummy tucks. This is important because the requirements of patients are never the same. The surgeon will recommend the procedure that will give the best results and cause least scarring. The first option is a mini tummy tuck that comes with less extensive surgery. It is ideal for people that have stretch marks or a small pooch below the belly button.

With the mini tuck procedure, there is making of one incision around the pubic mound. The surgeon will use the incision for tightening loose muscles and removal of excess skins. There is a scar that results which is a thin horizontal line. The length of the scar is a few inches. The mini tuck is shorter, has less recovery time and is also less invasive.

There is the full tummy tuck. It is ideal for people with a round pooch and lots of excess skin below or above their belly button. In this procedure, the incision used is horizontal or U-shaped and is made above the pubic mound. It is that incision which is used for removal of excess skin. In some cases, there might be need for a second incision which is made in the areas around the navel.

In most cases, the procedure can be done as on an outpatient basis. In such cases, patients will go home after some hours. In the case of extensive tummy tuck, one might be required to stay overnight at the hospital. This allows the doctor to monitor the situation before being discharged.

The period that one takes before resuming work is dependent on how physically involving their work is. They could take between 2 to 4 weeks. The more physically involving jobs will require more recovery time.

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