Most Find The Best Natural Looking Lashes Are Better Than Popular Mascara Brands

By Steven Powell

When it comes to applying makeup, most care about the eye area. This is where they want to add youth, allure, or create depth for facial balance. However, this is probably the area where those with little patience tend to fail when it comes to daily application. The good news is that the best natural looking lashes are possible for those who do not have a lot of time.

Eyelashes of today are no longer called falsies because they look so realistic. However, some with a budget may find themselves with limited choices since there are so many products on the market that claim to lengthen or thicken lashes in a matter of seconds. Although some mascara brands claim to give users the same look at a fraction of the price or hassle, not all products work in the same fashion.

There are some brands that are popular and affordable, the application can be tricky for those who have faint or thinning lashes. It is easy to add too much, which causes the hairs to stick together, and removal can take some time. On the other hand, newer products that are priced a little higher may require more than one step and sometimes it may work too good.

Most people still think of eyelash products as time consuming. Maybe they remember their mother having to touch up their eyes throughout the day or dealing with lash glue. Those cosmetic fails are something from the past, as some of these products tended to look artificial or it took many applications to create a slight dramatic effect.

Another ideal feature is the feel, as retro lashes sometimes looked plastic or overly shiny. Even though some versions are made from materials like mink, these can be expensive for the average working woman. There are many affordable brands that use natural materials not made from animals but are soft to the touch.

Quality lashes do not have to be expensive, as there are some that feel like the real thing without the use of animals. There are many styles that are suitable for daytime and evening wear. When users choose two different pairs, they often find these will last longer than a single tube of mascara.

New adhesives are not only powerful but safe to use. Most new brands can last for hours and removal is easy compared to oil methods, which includes using baby oil or petroleum jelly. Heavy application is not necessary so if a person chooses to not wear eye makeup, they can still look like they were born with healthy, long lashes.

This is a lot better than visiting a salon, which can get very expensive. Although some premium cosmetic brands may offer products with convincing names, regular use may cost just as much as a going to a salon every month. Anyone who wants to enhance the look of their eyes can simply apply and go about their business in a matter of seconds.

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