Medical Licensing And Credentialing: The Best Way To Secure A Job As A Physician

By David Nelson

The medical field is growing throughout the world. The addition of a number of hospitals, dental practices, doctors surgeries and the like to the market each day has increased the need to find suitably qualified physicians to fill the much-needed gap. Medical licensing and credentialing study are a must to improve your knowledge.

For many physicians and their families looking to build a life in another country, a physician employment agency is a key. There is a tremendous need for doctors with skill in countries all over the world and an agency is the best place to locate them.

For a medical professional with a family, making the move to another country for a position is difficult. Working through a physician employment agency will provide you with job security, a negotiated contract, and peace of mind that your position is secured. Besides the work, most agencies will negotiate with the future employers to assist with visas, tickets and enrolling the children in school. All this makes the move and transitions a little easier to handle for everyone.

For hospitals and practices, making use of a physician employment agency or a recruitment agency to find suitable candidates for open positions is the only way to find the best doctors available. Most agencies already have a credible pool of applicants and candidates from which to draw. They have the necessary tools available to draw the candidates in.

There is a considerable amount of time and work involved in finding a candidate that suits your available position. A physician recruitment agency takes the brunt of that off your shoulders. They undertake all the necessary background checks, employment history checks and screen them intensively. Whatever candidate is suggested to you will meet the parameters set by you. The agency is aware of your culture, work environment and the team the candidate would have to work with and they ensure that the fit is perfect.

Internal HR departments are generally pressed for time, most of their day spent in other areas. They do not have the disposable time or resources to source candidates that will give their practice the competitive edge over their competitors.

Knowledge of the market is another vital cog in the process. Physician recruitment agencies have collected and accumulated knowledge in the field. They perform this service for healthcare facilities all over the world. The understand how competitive the field is and that an out of the ordinary incentive may reel a physician in.

Most healthcare facilities have realized that making use of a physician recruitment agency is the only way to beat out the competition for the top physicians. Time spent trying to find suitable candidates is reduced considerably and the probability of finding and filling a position is magnified. The retention rate of these doctors is much higher than when recruited by an in-house HR department. In-house departments just don t have the necessary skills, resources or talent pool to make it happen. In order to remain competitive in the market, positions must be filled quickly and with candidates of worth. The understand how competitive the market it and have a few tricks up their sleeves to land the potential candidate right in your lap.

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