How To Get Ready For Your Initial Trip To A Laser Hair Center Plano Offers

By Mark Ward

There is only one thing that is known to help permanently reduce the amount of unwelcome hairs on the body and face, and that's laser treatment. Once you have undergone all of the suggested sessions, you no longer have to worry about them for eternity. However, there are some really important matters that you should keep in your mind before going to a laser hair center Plano provides for the first time. To learn how you should gear up for your initial treatment, don't stop reading now.

Avoid unnecessary sun exposure. The preparation for a session begins at least 1 month before the grand day. Experts say that you should start staying away from the sun because it's important for you to drop by the clinic with the least amount of melanin in your skin. Make sure that you apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 before you step foot outside your home to keep excessive melanin production at bay.

Avoid any form of tanning. It goes without saying that you should avoid sunbathing, too, for a month or more before a session. Likewise, you should refrain from using of a tanning lamp or bed. Even the use of indoor tanning lotions, foams or creams has to be dodged a few weeks before you pay the clinic a visit.

Do not get a wax at the beauty salon. It's really important for those hair follicles of yours to be around while you are having a laser treatment. It's for the fact that they're the ones that those intense light beams seek out and damage. Without any follicle around, a session will bring no positive results. In addition, the light beams will surely be absorbed by melanin present in your skin, causing you to experience lots of discomfort.

Steer clear of having those excess hairs bleached. According to experts, you should also avoid bleaching before your visit to the clinic. Fail to follow this important preparation tip and your money will end up down the drain as you won't obtain any favorable result from a session.

Feel free to shave as you please. Fortunately, you may still enjoy hair free legs, underarms and bikini area because the use of a razor is very much permissible. Actually, you really have to shave on the day you are scheduled to have your initial treatment. If you have sensitive skin, however, it's a good idea for you to grab a razor the day before. Doing this gives the skin enough time to bounce back from any irritation.

Shower and exfoliate. Just before you pay the clinic a visit, take a shower. It's important for the skin to be devoid of excess oils, dirt and grime. While having your shower, exfoliate with the use of a coarse hand towel, sponge or loofah. Experts agree that results are so much better if excess dead skin cells are removed beforehand.

Quit applying your favorite cosmetic products. No beauty product should land on your skin after stepping foot outside the shower. This is true especially on parts of the face or body that will get the treatment. In other words, you should never apply makeup, lotion, sunscreen, deodorant and even your favorite cologne.

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