How Energy Coaching Corpus Christi Can Help You

By Carol Edwards

Are you a middle manager in a great company, but stuck, as promotion passes you by? Your staff and colleagues do not respect you as you cannot delegate or make decisions? Always afraid that the decision you make may be the wrong one? So you don t make waves-you stay out of the firing range, you are safe. To get ahead, get that promotion and get respect, rewards and job satisfaction you need to take Energy Coaching Corpus Christi.

Leaders need certain qualities. Qualities like Confidence, Tenacity, Perseverance, Persistence, Determination, Courage, Persuasion, Vision, and so much more this leader-defining workshop will teach you. It takes courage to say I will become a leader, it takes tenacity to go the distance, it takes perseverance to take the steps to get there, it takes determination to stay the course, it takes persuasion of yourself and others to believe in your goal, it need to have the vision to see what can be achieved, and it takes you to take the first step.

While John finds excuses why he cannot get ahead, Bill finds a way to overcome the obstacles in his way. Bill takes an interest in all the company does, while John stumbles from day to day trying to sort out problems with his team who don t respect him, therefore the problems pile up keeping him too busy to see what the problems are because his people skills are not the best.

This workshop will help you to be the leader you believe you are and can be. Leaders earn respect through their actions that others follow. Everyone needs a role model, and this workshop will show you how to lead, from module 1 to module 12.

As a future leader, the 12 module workshop materials include your training manuals. An Instructors Guide which does what it says helps for understanding the training. A detailed Lessons Plan and handy Flip Chart Notes. Included are also are powerpoint slides, and Icebreaker, which should be very helpful as an exercise file comes with this for practical lessons.

He sees how Bill deals with people, how he does not let an opportunity pass to motivate his own teams. John realizes how his negativity has held him back. He has an epiphany and decides to try things Bill s way. He models Bill s behavior and decides to take a workshop where he can learn how to deal with people, assert himself, and learn how to delegate effectively.

BizInc pays for the workshop as they are a company that invests in their biggest asset which is human potential. John started his workshop, and the difference in how he motivates his team, and how good he feels put him in line for the promotion he received six months later.

If you are afraid to test yourself, don t be, as the Leadership Development Workshop will find the leader in you. Take your first leader step.

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